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Thread Lift In Korea

What exactly is thread lifting? Revolutionary non-surgical, anti-aging treatment explained

Known for its instant anti-aging effects and minimal downtime, thread lifting is increasing in popularity around the world. But what exactly is thread lifting and...
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Most Popular Plastic Surgeries for K-Pop Stars!

It is no secret that K-Pop stars are under pressure to look the part. Clear skin, slim jawlines, and big eyes, are all part of...
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Things You Need to Prepare Before Coming to Seoul for Medical Tourism

South Korea is well-known for its outstanding plastic surgery technique, and Korean plastic surgeons are always developing new techniques. Each year, the number of people...
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The Safe Clinic to Have Reduction Rhinoplasty in Korea; the Most Popular Procedure Among Caucasians

The Asian Nose VS The Caucasian Nose There are many different factors with the internal and external structures between Asian noses and Caucasian noses. Thus,...
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My Experience About Nose Reduction Surgery in Korea: America vs Korea

My Experience Getting Nose Reduction Surgery in Korea – Why I Didn’t Choose to go to America to Have Plastic Surgery Hello, everyone! I am...
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A Quick 1-Day Dark Circle Removal Surgery

We Can Remove Dark Circles Permanently: Quick Dark Circle Surgery The Causes of Dark Circles More and more people are concern about dark circles these...
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Chul Hwan Seul MD, Ph.D was invited to give a lecture at the 8th international Advanced Mammoplasty Symposium

Dr. Seul was invited as a representative of the Korean breast augmentation surgeons at the 8th International Advanced Mammoplasty Symposium held in Guangzhou, China. This...
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When is it safe to fly after plastic surgery?

South Korea is well-known as one of the capitals of plastic surgery. Many people have been coming to Korea to have plastic surgery. It is...
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Man Koon Suh Invited to Give a Lecture About Rhinoplasty at ISAPS Congress in Miami 2018

ISAPS, the largest society of international plastic surgeons, hold an international congress every 2 years in a different place around the world. This year it...
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Dr. Suh published his 5th book titled ‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’

World-renowned and Top Korean rhinoplasty surgeon, Man Koon Suh published his 5th book titled ‘Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty’. This book is written in English and published by Springer which...
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