My Experience About Nose Reduction Surgery in Korea: America vs Korea

My Experience Getting Nose Reduction Surgery in Korea – Why I Didn’t Choose to go to America to Have Plastic Surgery

Hello, everyone!

I am Anastasia from Russia and I am writing this review to share my experience of getting rhinoplasty in Korea. Before getting surgery, I did a lot of research about rhinoplasty all over the world and it was not an easy decision. However, I ended up deciding to go to Korea, instead of America to get nose reduction surgery.  I hope this review of my experience in Korea will help you to make your decision.

Currently, I am working as a model and makeup artist in Russia and China. In the past, I had not really thought about my appearance. However, the more photo shoots I had I started to notice more and more that my nose wasn’t very smooth and it looked very long and sharp. 

Having Surgery in America VS South Korea?

After I noticed this about my nose, it gave me a bit of a complex and started to lose confident in myself. So I ended up deciding to have reduction rhinoplasty. From my research, I found out that reduction rhinoplasty is more difficult than heightening surgery. I considered having surgery in either America and Korea. I considered going to America because I thought the doctor in America have more knowledge about Caucasian noses.

However, after comparing both America and Korea, I decided to have my surgery in Korea and here are the reasons why I decided to go to Korea to reduce my nose and make it slimmer.

The first reason was the doctors. The doctors in Korea who work in the capital of plastic surgery have met patients from all over the world. They have a high understanding of not only the different structures of the nose, but also different skin characteristics. These were big concerns as I was very afraid of having a scar from the rhinoplasty. 

The second reason was the cost. The cost of nose reduction surgery in America is much higher than in Korea.

The third reason was the huge number of positive and genuine reviews on the internet.

The fourth reason was that a few of my friends had already had surgery at JW Plastic Surgery Korea and they were extremely happy with their experience.

Me Before Reduction Rhinoplasty

This is me before the reduction rhinoplasty. I really didn’t like my witch looking nose. It was really long and pointy, and it wasn’t smooth, which made me look much older.

First 1~5 Days after Reduction Rhinoplasty

Within the first 5days after getting reduction rhinoplasty. I had a lot of swelling and bruising. Dr. Suh who performed my surgery said that I had osteotomy, and it normally can cause more swelling and bruising. I didn’t have a lot of pain, but it was a bit uncomfortable because I had to have packing inside the nose for 2 days.

1 Week after Reduction Rhionoplasty

On 7th day after getting surgery, the cast and stitches were removed from my nose. It was the first time I got to meet my new nose!! It seemed a bit bulbous and upturned, so I spoke to my Russian consultant. She told me that it was because There is still swelling and it would get better and look more natural after the swelling had subsided; so I had to wait.

2~4 Weeks After Getting Reduction Rhinoplasty

I could feel the swelling reducing around my nose and the shape of my nose kept changing, so my nose looked asymmetric because of this. I really felt lucky that I was able to stay in Korea for 1 month after my surgery, so I was able to have the last follow-up with Dr. Man Koon Suh in person. He checked the wounds condition, the swelling, and he told me that I didn’t have any symptom of infection.

This follow-up meeting really helped me to feel secure and comfortable to leave Seoul, South Korea, and heal home..

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2~3 Months After Reduction Rhinoplasty

I started to have more feeling around the nose. The entire contour of the nose became slimmer and slimmer. Dr. Suh told me that the swelling gradually subsided over 6months, and the shape would get more ideal and natural. However, I already like my new nose:).

Nose Scars after Open Rhinoplasty 

As I mentioned early I was really concerned and worried about scarring. The reason why I chose Dr. Suh and to have my reduction rhinoplasty done in Korea was because of their amazing techniques  and skills that leave very minimal scarring on the collumella. As you can see in the picture, the scarring is barely visible anymore. 

I am very satisfied with the result of rhinoplasty at JW Plastic surgery Korea by Dr. Suh. I have recurved many compliments from friends and people from work places. I really appreciate to Dr. Suh for making my nose become so beautiful.

I highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Suh for people who would like to have natural, but more beautiful nose.