JW Plastic Surgery


Dr Suh Man Koon has been acknowledged as one of “Top 50 Experts” by International Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr Suh Man Koon of JW Plastic Surgery has been chosen by International Society of Plastic Surgeons as the only...
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Dr Seul Chul Hwan and Hans Biomed conducted a webinar about “BellaGel” implants

JW Plastic Surgery Korea and Hans Biomed – the producer of Bella Gel breast implants always work closely together to...
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Dr Suh Man Koon’s revolutionary method published by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Multi-layered Rib Cartilage Graft – a revolutionary method by Dr Suh Man Koon JW Plastic Surgery’s Dr Suh Man Koon...
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COVID-19 prevention measures at JW Plastic Surgery

For your safety, JW Plastic Surgery applied certain measures to protect from the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), that started...
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Dr Chul Hwan Seul at Seoul Breast Meeting 2019

14th December, Dr. Chul Hwan Seul of JW Plastic Surgery has been invited as a senior lecturer to Seoul Breast...
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Miss Mimosa Queen 2019 – Final in Bangkok, Thailand

Miss Mimosa Queen 2019 – beauty pageant organised together with JW Plastic Surgery in Thailand is over. 7th December the...
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BellaGel Expert Meeting at JW Plastic Surgery

11th of November BellaGel Expert Meeting has been held in JW Plastic Surgery. Famous American plastic surgeon Dr. Bradley P....
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JW Plastic Surgery’s Medical Team at PRS Korea 2019

JW Plastic Surgery’s medical team has been invented to give lectures at PRS 2019 Korea, held on 8-10th of November...
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What’s the difference between Botox and fillers?

People often confuse the two, sometimes using them interchangeably. In fact there are a certain difference between both and knowing...
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Dr. Yeon Jun Kim at Gangnam Medi & Beauty Seminar in Bangkok

JW Plastic Surgery also wants to be in the center of the most important events in the world of plastic...
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JW Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Man Koon Suh at 42nd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Man Koon Suh has represented Korea with his lecture at 42nd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic...
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Plastic Surgery the Meeting 2019 – San Diego, California

September 20-23.2019, a big event related to plastic surgery has been held in San Diego, California. We couldn’t miss a...
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My eyes got much bigger by ptosis correction double eyelid surgery and my nose looks much slimmer and feminine! The big change is that my jaw line got slimmer naturally !