Effective methods of Secondary Septum Correction by Dr. Suh Man Koon – Presented at PRS Korea 2022

Recently, we can observe increasing cases of revision septum surgery. It happens due to three certain reasons, such as insufficient results of nasal septum surgery for functional purposes; bending the tip and nasal passages over time after the septal lengthening surgery; and when the nasal cartilage is harvested excessively. This is the cause of the “saddle nose” deformity. Correcting it with septal revision surgery is not easy and requires a lot of experience and know-how.

Nasal congestion can be solved through revisional septal surgery. Especially in cases where the tip of the nose and nasal passages are bent. The root of the cause often lies in the nasal septum deviation. Therefore, correction of the nasal septum curvature is important, not only for function but also for aesthetic effect.

Saddle nose correction (correction of a depressed/collapsed nasal septum) is possible using autologous rib cartilage. It is a highly complicated surgery, but a good result can be expected if provided by a skillful surgeon, who knows the method.

This patient had a deviated nose, which was rooted in the septal problem. Revision surgery resulted in corrected deviation and thus, aesthetic, and functional improvement.

Dr. Suh Man Koon presented methods of effective secondary septal correction surgery for each case. He showed case studies of some of his patients and explained the way how he managed to successfully perform each operation.

A method of septum correction by Dr. Suh Man Koon

CT scan videos below show the cases of the septal correction surgery performed incorrectly in comparison to well performed.

A case of not properly done septum correction surgery.
A case of properly done septum correction surgery.

Secondary septum correction is a highly demanding surgery that requires exceptional skill and knowledge of certain techniques to provide satisfactory results and prevent from the necessity of further revisions and, in extreme cases, unsolvable nose deformity. Therefore Dr. Suh’s presentation at PRS Korea 2022 got an enthusiastic response from an audience of Korean and international rhinoplasty specialists gathered at the event.