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Love Band Surgery

love band surgery in korea
Under-eye love bands make your face look younger and adorable

What is the under-eye love band?

Having love bands under your eyes makes you look adorable, gentle, and youthful.

The plump areas under the eyes, consisting of eye muscles, are called “love bands”. Love bands reduce the appearance of fine lines under the eyes and give them a cute and young appearance. Those who have small love bands may appear older than they are.

As we age, the muscles under the eyelids begin to sag and the skin loses resilience. It may cause the areas under eyelids to look sunken. If you have small love bands, you can augment them with the love band eye surgery. This can be achieved through procedures like AlloDerm grafting or filler injection.

  • Surgery Duration30 minutes
  • HospitalizationNot Required
  • # of Postoperative visits1 - 2 Times
  • AnesthesiaShort-term sedation or local anesthesia
  • Removal of Stitches3 - 5 days after the operation
  • Recovery PeriodReturn to normal life 2 - 3 days after operation
We recommend love band surgery to:
  • Those who want to look younger through a simple procedure.
  • Those who look older because of dark circles.
  • Those who want to remove the fine lines and wrinkles under their eyes.
  • Those who want to have a cute and youthful look.

Types of Love Band Surgery

AlloDerm Graft

Alloderm Graft is the most popular method that creates the most natural and permanent love bands. After making a small incision under the eyes, artificial skin inserted under the eyes like a thin band.

Filler injection is a simple procedure. However, It’s not a permanent solution and the filler may be visible under the skin.

Step 1

Consultation, determine your eye type and situation. Design love bands that suit your face best.

Step 2

An incision of about 5mm is made bellow outer-corners of the eyes. Based on the decided shape of love bands, the skin will be separated from the underlying tissue.

Step 3

The customized AlloDerm is placed and stitches are added to finish the procedure.

JW’s under-eye Love Band surgery effects

Love bands give you a cuter and younger-looking face.

They give off a vivacious and cute image

They make your eyes prettier when you smile

They leave you with a natural and soft facial image

They add charm to your big and beautiful eyes

Cautions Before Eye Surgery

  • Avoid eating or drinking on the day of your surgery especially four hours before the operation.
  • Cary clothes that can be put on easily, to protect the surgical site from irritation such as a big T-shirt or a button-down shirt.
  • Smoking irritates your respiratory system and can cause bleeding post-operation. We strongly recommend that you avoid smoking for at least fourteen days before your operation.
  • Cold or similar respiratory diseases reduce respiratory function. If you seem to be suffering from a cold on the day of the operation, please notify your operating doctor.
  • If you are taking medication that affects hemostasis (including oral contraceptive pills, hormonal drugs, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.), you will need to stop intake for at least one week before the surgery. Patients under treatment for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid disease, should inform the doctor upon consultation.
  • We recommend that you wash your body and hair on the day before the operation. Make sure you remove any type of makeup or accessories (including contact lenses, nail polish, and pedicure) before the operation.

Cautions After Eye Surgery

  • You can use water to wash your face starting from the day after the doctor removes your stitches. It's ok to take a shower but avoid saunas and public bathhouses.
  • Follow the doctor's prescriptions closely, take your medication on time and avoid aspirin and hormonal drugs.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking for a month after your surgery to allow your body to recover properly.
  • During the first three days after your operation use an ice pack on the surgical site to reduce swelling. Start using a warm pack for a couple of days after that. Placing the surgical site on a higher position than your heart helps to reduce swelling. To reduce the swelling, we suggest avoiding drinking water before bed.
  • Bruising and inflammation can disappear at a different rate for every individual. Please allow time until full recovery.

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