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Lateral Canthoplasty In Korea
Imagine yourself with large and natural-looking eyes!

What is Canthoplasty?

Canthoplasty gives you large, natural, and gentle-looking eyes!

Canthoplasty is divided into epicanthoplasty which removes Mongolian wrinkles, also known as epicanthal folds. and lateral canthoplasty which enlarges the outer edge of the eye.

JW’s canthoplasty is not just an operation to increase the horizontal dimension of the eyes, but to create beautiful eyes that harmonise with the overall face considering the distance between the eyes, the exposure of lacrimal caruncle, outer corner of the eyes and lateral orbital rim, and upper part of the eyelids covered by Mongolian wrinkles

  • Surgery Duration30 mins - 1 hour
  • HospitalizationNot Required
  • # of Postoperative visits2 - 3 Visits
  • AnesthesiaSedation or local anesthesia
  • Removal of Stitches7 days after the operation
  • Recovery PeriodReturn to normal life after the removal of stitches

JW’s Lateral Canthoplasty

Lateral Canthoplasty is an operation to lengthen the horizontal length of the eye by enlarging lateral canthus and fix it to the lateral orbital rim. This operation not only increases the size of the small eyes but can also adjust the direction of the edge of the eyes to make a good dimension and ease the unfavourable impression.

Who needs Lateral Canthoplasty?
  • Those whose eyes' outer corner is angled upward (the eyes appear very sharp).
  • Those who look overly strong or serious due to raised or a sharp inner corner of the eyes and wish to create a friendlier or brighter impression.
  • Those whose eye width is narrow.
  • Those who want a larger and softer eye shape.
  • Those whose eyes appear to be asymmetric due to different angles of the outer corner of the eye.

Lateral Canthoplasty Procedure

Step 1

Check the eye type and condition before surgery to design a suitable customized eye shape.

Step 2

A small incision is made at the corner of the eye and the tissue is separated and secured in the desired position.

Step 3

The incision is stitched.

Step 4

The eyes look larger, refreshed, and natural.

Tip #1

If the outer corners of your eyes are angled upward, Lateral canthoplasty (+lower lid lowering) can make your eyes look more gentle and soft.

By undergoing lateral canthoplasty and lowering the outer corners of the eyes, you can have wider gentle and feminine eyes

JW’s Epicanthoplasty

Epicanthal folds are folds or wrinkles that covers the inner angle of the eyes and can be seen in more than 70% of Asians. As the folds cover the eyes, those with pronounced epicanthal folds may have eyes that appear small or crowded. Besides, epicanthal folds deep down in front of the eyes also give a strong or overly serious impression. Anterior slit surgery removes these folds, which can make your eyes look bigger and bigger than double eyelid surgery.

JW’s Epicanthoplasty, creating a refreshed and natural-looking eye shape

Who needs epicanthoplasty?
  • Those who have a narrow eye width or a wide gap between the eyes.
  • Those who have their epicanthal folds extended to the lower eyelids like a crease.
  • Those who have pseudoesotropia (closely-set eyes).
  • Those who look cold or edgy because of the sharp inner corners of the eyes.
  • Those who want an in-out fold or out fold double eyelids.

Procedure of Epicanthoplasty

Step 1

Before surgery, the current condition and shape of the eyes is assessed to design the optimal eye shape for the individual.

Step 2

Incise the inner epicanthal folds.

Step 3

Minimize incision and stitch it at the closest area to the conjunctiva in order to make the scar invisible.

Step 4

You now have large, gentle, natural-looking eyes!

Tip #1

Epicanthoplasty gives you a better eye shape by correcting the inclination angle of the inner corners of the eyes.

If you give a strong and serious impression due to the inclination angle of the inner corners of the eyes resulting from the epicanthal folds, epicanthoplasty can make your eyes more gentle and attractive.

Tip #2

The epicanthal folds with a narrow gap between the eyes.

By removing only the epicanthal folds, the appropriate gap between the eyes can be achieved resulting in eyes that do not look too far apart and have a large and fresh appearance.

The Golden Ratio for the Eyes

Every individual has different skin thickness, fat volume, and other composition. Therefore, consultation with JW’s specialists is strongly recommended before undergoing oculoplastic surgery.

The size of the eye, which is the key of the golden ratio, can be divided into its width and height. The ideal width of the eyes is 30mm. It is ideal that the width of the eyes, the gap between them (roughly 30-36mm), and length of the tip lobule are equal. Beautiful eyes have pupils whose upper part is slightly covered by the eyelid and the rest (approximately 8-10mm) should be visible. In addition, the outer corners of the eyes, the outer eyebrow, and the tip lobule should be in a straight line.

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