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Why I can’t eat or drink before and after the surgery?

It is a hard part of every surgery. Having a sip of water or a little bite of food is...
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7 Shapes of women’s breasts – which one is yours?

We differ from each other in a million ways. Height, body shape, eyes, hair etc. But did you know there...
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Plastic surgeries that will lose their popularity in upcoming years

Every beauty standard or fashion has their peak time of popularity. Some of them last longer, even for centuries –...
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Air pollution & the skin – how air pollutants affect our skin

Our world is going fast, eager to fulfil unstoppable desire of consumption and economic growth. Living has never been so...
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Lateral Canthoplasty – surgery that make eyes bigger and beautiful

Big and bright eyes has always been considered as an atribute of beauty. No wonder, there are many eyes enlarging...
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Korean make-up must have – 8 basic products for Korean style make-up

Koreans are famous for their fresh and youthful look. The reason lies in rigoristic skincare, but a special way of...
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What age is good to have plastic surgery?

Nowadays, people want to become pretty by having plastic surgery. Even teenage girls already have this wish, unaware that going...
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Sugar’s impact on the skin – How bad is sugar for my face?

We all know that sugar is not our friend. Causing obesity, heart problems, diabetes and many more unpleasant and even...
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Fat transplant – how long the effect lasts? Is the procedure safe?

Its natural that we want to be beautiful as long as possible. To achieve it, we try many, less and...
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Four main factors of ageing and ways to fight them

Everyone wants to maintain youthful, bright and healthy appearance but time has no mercy. We are all affected by its...
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How to prevent warping of rib cartilage used for nasal bridge augmentation

Asian noses are often characterized by their flat nasal bridges, and a ‘higher’ and more ‘pronounced’ nose is considered beautiful...
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Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Booty

Take a look anywhere in popular media from daily posts by your favorite “body goals” Instagrammer to Hollywood celebrities, and...
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My eyes got much bigger by ptosis correction double eyelid surgery and my nose looks much slimmer and feminine! The big change is that my jaw line got slimmer naturally !

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