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How to get plastic surgery in Korea in 2023. Step-by-step guide.

You’re thinking about getting plastic surgery in Korea but don’t know how and where to start, what the whole process...
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Dangers of Unlicensed Translators and Illegal Brokers for Plastic Surgery in Korea

In the realm of global plastic surgery, South Korea shines as a beacon of advanced procedures and skillful plastic surgeons....
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Do You Need a Lower Blepharoplasty? 5 Signs to Look Out For

The desire to enhance one’s appearance is a common phenomenon. In the pursuit of a youthful and rejuvenated look, many...
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Say Goodbye to Dark Circles: 7 Lifestyle Habits to Avoid

Dark circles under the eyes can be a frustrating and challenging issue to deal with. They can make you appear...
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Expert Recommendations: The Best Anti-Aging Solutions for Your Age and Symptoms

As we age, our skin goes through various changes that can affect our appearance and self-confidence. From wrinkles and fine...
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Why you should stop smoking before getting plastic surgery? 7 terrifying smoking-induced side effects.

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people seek to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence....
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Trends in Korean Plastic Surgery – Now vs. 10 Years Ago.

Worldwide plastic surgery trends change just like beauty and fashion trends change. It’s no different in Korea – which is...
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How to fix hooded eyes with surgery? – 3 procedures recommended by eyes anti-aging plastic surgeon

Hooded eyes are observed when the excess or sagging skin and soft tissue between the eye and the eyebrow cover...
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What is the best incision for breast augmentation surgery? Korean plastic surgeon answers.

Breast augmentation surgery is a big decision and when you finally make up your mind and go for it, there...
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10 Female Celebrities with Best Noses according to Korean plastic surgeon.

Which Korean and Western female celebrity has the perfect nose? Some time ago I talked about male celebrities with best...
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Can I breastfeed after getting breast implants? 5 common misconceptions about breast augmentation surgery and implants.

Getting breast augmentation is a big decision that should be preceded with wide and research. Searching about pros and cons...
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Top 10 Metamorphoses in JW Plastic Surgery Korea

JW Plastic Surgery is famous for being a place that patients value for safety and effectiveness. All our valuable patients...
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My eyes got much bigger by ptosis correction double eyelid surgery and my nose looks much slimmer and feminine! The big change is that my jaw line got slimmer naturally !