The Global Masters Rhinoplasty Meeting with Dr. Man Koon Suh

Date: 2023.6.29 – 2023.7.2

Berlin, Germany – Dr. Suh, a distinguished plastic surgeon from JW Plastic Surgery, captivated an international audience at the prestigious Global Masters Rhinoplasty Meeting held in Berlin. As the sole representative from Korea, Dr. Suh showcased his expertise in the field of rhinoplasty, delivering three insightful presentations and actively participating as a questioner and moderator in three additional sessions.

The Global Masters Rhinoplasty Meeting, jointly organized by The Rhinoplasty Society and the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, is the largest international symposium dedicated to rhinoplasty, held biennially. This esteemed gathering attracts rhinoplasty experts from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, who share their experiences and present the latest advancements in surgical techniques over the course of four days.

Dr. Suh’s extensive knowledge and innovative approaches to rhinoplasty garnered widespread attention and admiration from his peers. His presentations shed light on various topics that addressed the unique challenges associated with rhinoplasty procedures, particularly in the Asian population.

One of Dr. Suh’s notable presentations focused on the “Triple Strut Concept: Nasal Tip Projection in Weak Small LLC and Septum.” This groundbreaking technique offers a solution for patients with weak and small lower lateral cartilage and septum, providing them with enhanced nasal tip projection and an aesthetically pleasing result.

Furthermore, Dr. Suh shared insights on the “Derotation Graft using Conchal Cartilage for the Correction of Contracted Short Nose.” This method, utilizing conchal cartilage, presents a promising approach to address contracted and short noses, allowing for improved nasal contour and harmony.

Lastly, Dr. Suh delved into the “Application of Structural Rhinoplasty in the Asian Nose,” shedding light on his comprehensive understanding of Asian facial anatomy and the application of structural rhinoplasty techniques. By combining meticulous surgical planning and innovative approaches, Dr. Suh demonstrated how structural rhinoplasty can yield natural and aesthetically pleasing results in Asian patients.

Beyond his presentations, Dr. Suh actively engaged in the symposium’s discussions, serving as a questioner and moderator for three sessions. His expertise and keen insights enriched the dialogue among esteemed rhinoplasty experts, fostering a collaborative environment for shared learning and advancement in the field.

The audience at the Global Masters Rhinoplasty Meeting expressed their appreciation for Dr. Suh’s contributions, recognizing his significant contributions to the field of rhinoplasty and his commitment to improving patient outcomes. Dr. Suh’s participation in this renowned symposium further solidifies his reputation as a global leader in the field of plastic surgery.

As Dr. Suh continues to inspire and educate through his groundbreaking research and surgical techniques, he remains at the forefront of innovation, empowering plastic surgeons worldwide to deliver exceptional care and achieve remarkable results in the field of rhinoplasty.

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