The Inaugural Symposium of Rhinoplasty Society of Asia in Penang, Malaysia

On June 4th, 2023, the 17th International Congress of the Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (OSAPS) and The Inaugural Symposium of the Rhinoplasty Society Asia (RSA) took place at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, Malaysia.

During the RSA symposium, Dr. Man Koon Suh, a rhinoplasty specialist from JW Plastic Surgery Korea, played a key role as a co-founder of the Rhinoplasty Society Asia, which was established in 2018 in Seoul, Korea. RSA aims to improve the skills and knowledge of rhinoplasty specialists in Asia through academic exchanges and to foster a community for information sharing and friendship among its members.

The inaugural RSA symposium provided a great opportunity for top Asian rhinoplasty specialists to come together and share knowledge about primary and revision rhinoplasty for Asian noses. Dr. Suh gave a presentation on one of the most challenging revision cases, which involved correcting an upturned nose. His talk, titled “Tips & Tricks of Contracted Nose Correction,” was well-received and drew a large audience. Additionally, the symposium introduced a new material called Reproderm, which is an artificial dermis used in rhinoplasty and other augmentation surgeries.

The Rhinoplasty Society Asia’s inaugural symposium served as a valuable platform to exchange and learn about the latest techniques in Asian Rhinoplasty, enriching the expertise of all participants. It was a significant event that fostered collaboration and inspired further advancements in aesthetic plastic surgery in Asia.