Dr. Man-Koon Suh as a Keynote Speaker – ISAPS Olympiad 2023 in Athens

Dr. Man-Koon Suh, a rhinoplasty plastic surgeon and director at JW Plastic Surgery Korea, had a significant role as a keynote speaker at the ISAPS Olympiad 2023, a prestigious international event for plastic surgery specialists held in Athens, Greece. Organized by the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), this event brought together leading experts from various fields of plastic surgery. Dr. Suh’s expertise lies in rhinoplasty, and he had the distinct honor of being the sole keynote speaker representing Korea and one of only two speakers from Asia. His presentation primarily focused on innovative techniques in revision rhinoplasty.

During his presentation, Dr. Suh shared the latest advancements in revision rhinoplasty, a specialized area within plastic surgery that demands precision and skill. His insights were highly informative, providing fellow surgeons and medical professionals in attendance with valuable knowledge about the evolving landscape of revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Suh’s participation at the ISAPS Olympiad 2023 highlighted the global impact of Korean plastic surgery. As one of the key representatives of this innovative community, he showcased the remarkable talent and contributions of Korean plastic surgeons on the international stage.

In summary, Dr. Man Koon Suh’s keynote address at the ISAPS Olympiad 2023 was a significant event in the world of plastic surgery. His expertise in rhinoplasty, coupled with his unique position as the sole representative from Korea and one of only two from Asia, underscored his prominent role in the field. His presentation advanced the collective knowledge of plastic surgeons worldwide and reinforced Korea’s position as a hub of innovation and excellence in plastic surgery.

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