Rhinoplasty in Korea – Elena’s Testimony

It’s time to tell you about a place where they will help you become even more beautiful. To be precise, it is JW Plastic Surgery Korea Center! I share my personal experience to help you in the future choice of the clinic because I myself was looking for the clinic, reading the reviews on various Facebook groups and on Google.
To be honest, I didn’t think for a long time before choosing the clinic. Even earlier, when I just got and the idea of having an operation, I made several bookmarks for a couple of three clinics. Looking at the information about them on the Internet. And now it’s time X when I decided. The very first clinic on my list was JW and I ended up there.

Why did I choose JW Plastic Surgery?

I chose according to several parameters:

  • Reviews on Google (namely foreign clients, but also Russians). Great experience of the clinic with foreigners influenced my choice because I needed a nose of the “European” type. I also took a careful look into before and after photos and YouTube channels.
  • 2) Russian-speaking consultant. Now almost all well-known clinics have Russian-speaking consultants, which is great. A competent approach to a potential client is very important.
  • Service in the clinic itself
  • Discount system and tax refund.

First of all, I contacted the Russian-speaking consultants working in various clinics. I wrote to each of them, indicating my wishes for a nose change and attaching a few photos. Thus, I clarified all the information: the almost exact cost of the operation, the rehabilitation time and the doctor’s recommendations for the change.
Having summed up all the parameters described above, I identified two clinics and decided that I would go to consultations on the same day, but when I arrived at the JW clinic, I cancelled the second consultation (forgive me the second consultant). I liked everything here.
The competent consultant Aika at JW put a mark on the date of the operation in advance, so I did not have to wait long. The schedule for the rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Man Koon Suh was fully booked for a month in advance!

When I just wrote to consultants in all clinics, they identified same problems: the deviation of the septum (there were difficulty breathing because of this), the tip of the nose dropped down and wide nostrils.
When I already came to a face-to-face consultation with Dr Suh and he looked at my pictures ( before the consultation I had X-rays taken to also see my problems from the inside) he described the same problems to me and pointed out my issues and how to fix them. I was “bought” by his professionalism. Even before the consultation I read information about the doctor and his great experience, the reviews were positive.
Once again we discussed all the issues with the consultant, and I already decided for sure that the operation will be in the JW Clinic.
I was pleased with the system of discounts in the clinic: the total size of all discounts was about 25%. And I like to save. In addition, comparing the clinics, I concluded that prices are almost the same everywhere.

My recovery process – the cast and bandages were removed on the 7th day

Surgery day and aftercare

On the day of the operation, Aika consultant accompanied me everywhere! Therefore, I was always calm. I was pleased with the very friendly staff.
The operation was quick. It finished in 2 hours. After that, I did not expect that I would just get up from the operating table and see the difference right away. But after operation, I saw that my nose was shorter (even under the bandage it was noticeable).

I left the hospital in a bandage and kept it for 7 days! Surprisingly, the rehabilitation period was very short! During these 7 days, I came to the clinic 2 times: to remove the “tampons” from the nostrils and to conduct LED therapy for less swelling and on day 7th, to remove the stitches and also get the LED therapy one more time. By the way, the swelling was minimal, which was also very surprising. If necessary, desired or if the swelling is serious, you can come to the clinic more often for therapy, but, fortunately, I did not have to.

The effect

On the 7th day after the stitches were removed, I saw my nose, and ‘Oh, miracle!’, it was what I ever wanted. An even European nose! By the way, the septum was fixed, so now I feel that my nose breathes better! Although swelling is still there and breathing problems can last up to 2 months. I got rid of two main problems: breathing problems and a long “snoopy nose” The hump also smoothed out.
I arrived at the clinic again on the 9th day, I had another LED therapy for the last time and did a FREE face cleansing treatment. It was a nice bonus from the clinic.

In total, I visited the clinic 3 times – I do not consider the day of the operation. I returned to my usual way of life on day 10, but within a month you need to follow some rules and cautions.
Guys, if you are looking for a clinic for rhinoplasty, I would gladly recommend JW Plastic Surgery Korea. A competent consultant, experienced doctors and high standard service! By the way, the clinic has an award for the quality of service for foreign customers! And thanks to Aika, I think if someday I had to do something on my face or body, then I know exactly where I’ll go.

PS. in the photo “after” I have a little ‘stone face’ because it is not recommended to smile strongly when a month has not passed yet. The final result will be visible after 6 months, we will wait.