COVID-19 prevention measures at JW Plastic Surgery

For your safety, JW Plastic Surgery applied certain measures to protect from the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), that started its outbreak in Chinese Wuhan. You may be assured that you are safe.

JW Plastic Surgery Korea cares about the safety of our patients. In recent time we have established new measures to make our hospital a place 100% safe from the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus.

  • Before a patient’s visit, we perform a careful interview to ensure they haven’t been exposed to increased risk of infection: haven’t participate in religious events or any event involving a huge number of people.
  • Every employee wears an obligatory mask and washes their hands with antiseptic liquid.
  • Every patient and employee must have their body temperature measured at the entrance
  • For the safe tratment, the number of visitor has been reduced to 1 person per patient.
  • Before and after working hours, the hospital is disinfected with antiseptics.
  • Air shower in the surgery room helps keeping a sterile state.
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