Korean tips for winter skin problems

Winter is a harsh time for our mood, our body and also our skin. Cold weather and decrease in air humidity hits our body’s most external layer the hardest. How Koreans do to minimise winter’s destructive impact? Read this blog to learn easy ways to keep your skin beautiful in winter.

1) Don’t overheat your place and keep the interior air humid

The quality of the air in the place we spend most of the time is a crucial factor for good skin condition. When we overdo the heating, the air gets drier and it’s even worse in buildings with good thermal isolation. No matter how you like to feel warm and cosy when the weather gives you shivers, try not to overheat the place. Keep it in a healthy range of 18-21 degrees. Take care of air humidity as well and don’t let it drop under 40%. The easiest way is to buy a humidifier – a smart, little device which will take care of air humidity and thus your skins beautiful state.

2) Don’t use peeling sponge and limit usage of foam reach shower cosmetics.

Skin’s most external layer, build mostly from dead skin cells, called stratum corneum is our skins shield and armour that protects from external damaging factors, such as cold temperature, strong wind, air pollution. Preserving of stratum corneum is the most important in the winter because it’s the time when those factors are much stronger. The layer, once destroyed can be regenerated after at least 2 weeks. When taking a shower, please also avoid using foam rich products that dehydrate the skin.

3) Avoid alcohol, caffeine and chocolate.

There are people for whom there is nothing better in the cold and long winter evening than glass and some chocolate. Waking up without a coffee when days are grey and gloomy may appear as something unbearable. However, for the sake of the beautiful skin, we recommend to avoid these treats.

4) Don’t wear woollen or fur clothes.

It may sound weird but it’s real. Woollen and fur materials makes skin itchy and may cause redness and allergic reaction. Wear more skin-friendly clothes instead.