Plastic surgeries that will lose their popularity in upcoming years

Every beauty standard or fashion has their peak time of popularity. Some of them last longer, even for centuries – hourglass-shaped body, symmetrical face or narrow, evenly-shaped nose, little black dress. But some of them are just momentary – fashions, which lasted for a decade or less. According to our predictions, following procedures, will lose their popularity very soon.

Love Band (aegyo-sal) surgery

Asian beauty standard for eyes changed many times over the years. As double eyelid is increasingly popular for over 40 years, the aegyo-sal, has already past it’s peak demand. It is still quite popular, as we look at K-pop idols or beauty bloggers, but there are rising opinions that it looks silly and unnatural.

Why aegyo-sal was considered attractive? It’s related to Korean adoration of youthfulness and cuteness. It reminds of child’s innocent and cute smile. Love band can be achieved in two ways: temporary and permanent. The most popular is a temporary way, by injecting fillers – most likely hyaluronic acid or fat transplant. It doesn’t last long and is completely reversible. If one is decided to have this look permanently, then they decide to have an implant. Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM), invented in middle nineties for severe burn victims, is the most common material for the implant. When seeking a more permanent love band procedure, a 0.5-cm flat strip of ADM is inserted and secured into place via a small incision of 2 to 3 mm in the area below the eyes. The ADM acts as a scaffold or matrix for native cell growth-promoting a youthful fullness (1).

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Aegyo-sal’s popularity is strongly based on the youthful and innocent look of k-pop idols and Instagram influencers. As any fashion, promoted by briskly rising adoration of social media, goes as quickly as it came. That’s why we think, the time for this trend, which has been her for almost 10 years, will be over very soon.

Lip fillers

A non-invasive procedure popular much more on the west, then in Asia. Big, full lips has been a desired look for a long time, and women wanted to achieve this look in many ways, from, simply, using a lipstick and lips contouring to having lip fillers. Peak popularity of big, juicy lips has been brought out thanks to Instagram, with a huge contribution of its queen Kylie Jenner, and her signature lips. Many other people, who wanted to, or already became widely popular on the app, have followed her look. Then, as considered beautiful, many normal people, who weren’t satisfied with their thin or small, heart-shaped lips, started to seek their way to beauty in lip fillers.

The most popular way to enhancing lip volume is using injections of hyaluronic acid, that fills them and make them look fuller. The procedure itself is not everlasting. On the contrary, the effect lasts, usually, up to 6 months. After that time, another injection is required, or we just easily come back to our natural look.

To achieve big and full Instagram lips, one injection is not enough. And it is rather pricey. Looking at recent fashion and make-up campaigns, we can already see, a trend of coming back to the natural look. As it seems to be an official statement for this season’s fashion by the major designers, then we would expect it to leave its leading position and slowly go away, praised only by a minority of people who will still consider the look beautiful.

Forehead implants

Forehead augmentation is the surgical procedure for enhancing the shape and volume of the forehead. It is an elective surgery that addresses several issues faced by those who are completely dissatisfied with the shape of their foreheads. In some cases, the procedure has the ability to make the entire face look smaller and prettier since wrinkles and other surface imperfections are also removed when volume is added to the forehead. There are three types of forehead augmentation techniques — transplantation of fat, insertion of silicone implant, and the use of osteobond. (2)

Basically, it makes the forehead look round and smooth, resembling a porcelain doll. In Asia, having a flat forehead is not considered beautiful. The procedure is, as a fact, effective, but there are more and more people having doubts about the attractiveness of this look. Implant is making the forehead look rounder, evens major wrinkles, thus leaving a smooth and youthful impression. But it has its downsides. The face mimics are often severely limited, as natural wrinkling, e.g. while frowning is not easily possible. The surgery is invasive and, unlike lip fillers or temporary aegyo-sal, is not reversible.

Should I not do those surgeries?

If you feel that those procedures might improve your look and help you get rid of complexes, then it is still worth a try. The most important thing is to not blindly follow recent trends and trust your doctor. The way we see ourselves in the mirror might differ from what we actually look like. That’s why having consultation with a physician, who will care about your real beauty is very important. Each and every face has its own features and when deciding to have surgery, we must consider it. Fashions come and fashions go, and your face is not a dress, you can change.

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