Lateral Canthoplasty – surgery that make eyes bigger and beautiful

Big and bright eyes has always been considered as an atribute of beauty. No wonder, there are many eyes enlarging procedures, such as double-eyelid surgery, ptosis correction and our today’s topic – lateral canthoplasty. In this article we will explain everything about this procedure.

What is the lateral canthoplasty surgery?

Canthoplasty in Korea is divided into epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. Epicanthoplasty closes a wide gap between the eyes by removing the epicanthal folds and lateral canthoplasty eye surgery corrects closely-set eyes.

JW’s epicanthoplasty gives your eyes a more natural look by reducing the force that pulls the inside skin of the epicanthic folds. Epicanthoplasty and Lateral canthoplasty combined with blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) allows for your eyes to become bigger by lengthening their width. In addition, it can correct closely-set eyes and make your eyes more proportional.

Lateral canthoplasty – surgery complications

Just like any other surgery lateral canthoplasty has a risk of complications. For this procedure, the most common complications are deformity of extended commissure, recurrence, mucosal exposure and ectropion.

First two of them may result in lateral triangle getting smaller which may even make eyes seemingly smaller. Mucosal exposure and ectropion are very unpleasant visually and cause eye dryness.

Lateral canthoplasty involves lateral canthotomy which can lead to destruction of canthal angle. This condition leads to many deformities, for example webbing or rounding the external commissure.

Experience and skill of the surgeon is the only way to minimize the risk of complications. That’s why choosing the most skilful and experienced specialis should always be your first priority.

Lateral canthoplasty surgery at JW Plastic Surgery Clinic

As eyes are one of the most important face feature to defining whole facial appearance, the surgeon who do such a precise job must own an excellent skill, qualifications and aesthetic sense. Surgeons at JW perfectly cover these conditions.

Besides that, the way we do it really matters.

Not only do we extend the width and height of your eyes, but we also correct the inclination angles of the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Our dual canthoplasty will give you the beautiful eyes of your dreams.

JW’s unique lateral canthoplasty skills keep the outer corner of the eyes intact. The shape of the outer corner of your eyes will barely change and it will create natural-looking eyes.

Lateral canthoplasty surgery – is it worth it?

It is certainly a great surgery for those who want to have bigger and more defined eyes, at the same time keeping the natural look.

You must remember that to achieve this effect you cannot hesitate about importance of doctor skill and experience. If you chose wisely, you may achieve dreamed, big and bright eyes. So don’t hesitate anymore and sign up for a free on-line consultation.