breast augmentation

What is the best incision for breast augmentation surgery? Korean plastic surgeon answers.

Breast augmentation surgery is a big decision and when you finally make up your mind and go for it, there will be a bunch of...
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Can I breastfeed after getting breast implants? 5 common misconceptions about breast augmentation surgery and implants.

Getting breast augmentation is a big decision that should be preceded with wide and research. Searching about pros and cons of the procedure, you might...
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Breast Augmentation surgery in Korea: My journey with JW Plastic Surgery

by Jasmine C. from Singapore Getting breast augmentation is no quick decision. You must consider the price, expectations and most importantly, the skill of your...
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What kind of breast lifting do I need?

Breast lifting (mastopexy) is a procedure that corrects sagging breasts by reshaping them and removing excess skin. The goal of the surgery is to obtain...
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Motiva Breast Augmentation in Korea

When I was in my 20’s I went through a phase of wanting boobs.. BIGGER BOOBS than what I had. I always had a pretty...
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What age is good to have plastic surgery?

Nowadays, people want to become pretty by having plastic surgery. Even teenage girls already have this wish, unaware that going under the knife at this...
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Breast Surgery in Seoul

How to Heal from Breast Surgery in Seoul: What You Need to Know

Steps to insure a healthy and speedy recovery after breast implant surgery abroad. Patients traveling to another country for breast implants may naturally be concerned...
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MOTIVA Implant for Breast Augmentation

One of the main questions beside the size of breast implants is the type of breast implants which should be used in a breast augmentation...
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A Combination of Implants and Fat Graft for Breast Augmentation

From its modest beginnings in the middle of the last century, breast augmentation has become the most common plastic surgery procedure today. The goal is...
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