A Combination of Implants and Fat Graft for Breast Augmentation

From its modest beginnings in the middle of the last century, breast augmentation has become the most common plastic surgery procedure today. The goal is still the same, to provide the patient with the desired size and shape of breasts.

There are two main methods of breast augmentation: breast implants and fat transfer to breasts (natural breast augmentation or autologous fat transfer). The choice of method depends on a lot of factors: current shape and size of breasts, desired appearance, the surgeon’s experience, the presence of excess fat, etc.

However, lately there is also a third option, a combination of breast implants and fat transfer to breasts.

Advantages of combination of breast implants and fat transfer to breasts

We are not able to control the resorption and loss of transferred fat cells. Around 30-40% of transferred fat will be lost within 6 months after the surgery. A combination of implants and fat transfer can give you more predictable results. After you lose some of the transferred fat, you will still have the breast implant to get the desired size. Unless you want only your body tissue not foreign material for augmentation or want a minimal and natural change from your current size, Breast implants can be recommended for more prominent change in size.

In the case of fat transfer to breasts, there might be a need for multiple transfers to achieve the desired size. That is why a combination of breast implants and fat grafting might be a good choice, you can get the desired size after only one surgery.

It can give a more natural look than just breast implants. Because transferred fat covers the contour of the implants.

Fat transfer can improve cleavage between two breasts and two nipples. Transferred fat will fill the inner part of breasts and make them look closer.

Fat transfer prevents rippling phenomenon which occurs when the skin of the breast is very thin and can’t cover the breast implant properly. Fat transfer can provide coverage to breast implant.

Combination of breast implants and fat transfer will also reduce the excess fat on other parts of your body. Liposuction of problematic areas can give you a more hourglass shape.

Fat transfer to breasts is a great option to achieve a symmetry after implants have failed to do it. Fat transfer in a combination with implants is a great option for all patients with breast asymmetry which is not uncommon.

Process of combination breast augmentation

  1. Most people have excessive fat in their bodies such as belly and thighs. Small incisions are made and cannulas are inserted to collect fat.  Incisions should not leave any major scarring. Ultrasound assisted liposuction should be avoided because it heats up the fat cells which lead to their death. Fat is usually harvested from the abdomen and thighs.
  2. We use underarm, inframammary fold incision and make sure that you end up with no major scar. After an incision was made, we inject local anesthetic which should reduce your pain after the surgery. In case of armpit incision, an endoscopy is inserted through the incision to determine the exact location for breast implant which is then inserted.
  3. While placing implants, the fat is purified and prepared to be transferred. Only around 30-70% of harvested fat can be used for transfer. After the implants are inserted, the purified fat is transferred to breasts using a micro fat transfer technique. The viability of fat can be increased using a meticulous harvesting and purifying techniques.


  1. Normal recovery time for this surgery is 7-10 days.
  2. It is common that surgeon transfers more fat into breasts because he counts on the process of resorption.  After the resorption occurs, the breasts will settle to the desired size. The process of resorption usually lasts for a few weeks or even months. During that period of time, it is normal to have swelling and minor yellow bruising although we make sure to minimize it.
  3. The recovery process is the same as for any other breast augmentation. Our patients wear a correction bra after breast augmentation. We offer our patients scar-free program and after care system which will make their healing process very pleasurable.