Motiva Breast Augmentation in Korea

When I was in my 20’s I went through a phase of wanting boobs.. BIGGER BOOBS than what I had. I always had a pretty small upper body which was great for modeling and fitting into tiny little clothes I couldn’t get past my hips. Then the phase passed and I became ok with my body. I just dealt with the things most women face when getting dressed up, what bra do I wear with this outfit? How often will I have to tug on my undergarments so it doesn’t end up around my waist only for it to look “ok”? It was official, I wanted boobs.

But it was also a little scary if I’m honest, to think about something foreign being inside my body. All the initial thoughts of the bad would creep up in my mind, but then all the positive thoughts started to override the negatives.

Me before breast enlargement surgery

One of the major reasons I had never moved toward getting them in the past was due to the fact I thought you HAD to replace the implants every 10 or so years. A lot of MISINFORMATION is out there regarding surgeries and each person’s body reacts differently. Nothing is guaranteed, but do your own research on what you feel is best for you based on your lifestyle and be sure to go with a clinic that has the expertise and board certified surgeons as well as a location that makes you FEEL COMFORTABLE.

Dr. Seul impressed me with his knowledge and I could put away all my doubts.

Fast forward a few months after the initial meet and greet of getting to know the clinic and what they offer, I went in for a consultation for a breast augmentation. A lot of people have a concern of the language barrier in Korea. JW Plastic Surgery has consultants onsite that speak English, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and others! My own doctor, Dr. Seul spoke English as well, so communicating with the man who was going to be cutting my body open, was able to easily answer my questions because I had all the questions! They have HIGH TECH EQUIPMENT that took a 3D version of my boobs.. Let me just say that it fueled the fire to want the boobs after I saw my little nuggets on the computer screen and how uneven and “small” they were with no bra. This program allows the doctor to REALLY see the shape and size to curate your special surgery to meet your desires and wants of your future new breasts. JW also has bras you can try on with silicone bra inserts to be able to visualize bigger boobs. Really helps to see what it would look like “on”.
In addition, JW offers fat grafting, which is when they pull fat, typically from the thighs, and inject it into the breast region to give a more natural look. I WANTED THIS because who doesn’t want slightly slimmer thighs in the process of getting bigger boobs?! I was also all about wanting to look NATURAL. I wanted people to be like “did she or didn’t she get her boobs done” and not “she obviously has her boobs done” when they see me.

I could try various sizes of boobs and my body was scanned to render a 3D model.

My personal consultant, Jenny, helped guide me through the process and was able to also answer questions I had that would randomly come up, even via email, because I didn’t realize I would have so many questions lingering in my head. Things that were legitimate potential game changers such as breast feeding in the future, health concerns such as cancer or even what to expect in daily life with the new melons.

Moving forward a couple months later and my appointment date was nearing. A few days prior to the appointment, I went in to check my health status. They drew blood to ensure my vitals were healthy enough for surgery. Now that’s piece of mind for those that are concerned you’re good to go under the knife.
Official surgery day. You must fast for 6 hours, meaning no food or drinks to include water. I showed up at the clinic and checked in, which was super easy and streamlined. They gave me my change of clothes which looked like scrubs from the Missoni collection. I wasn’t super scared or anxious. I think it helped that I was familiar with the facilities because of the tour, I had already met my doctor (Dr. Seul), and everyone made me feel super comfortable and communicated with me every step of the way and what to expect.

I met with Dr. Seul and he used my 3D pictures in combination to my actual boobs to determine where he was going to make the incisions. He used a pen to write directly onto my body (boobs and thighs), so in the surgery room, he was ready to rock ‘n roll and give me the best boobies ever!

Then Jenny came to let me know it was time to get prepped for surgery, so I went through their air machine prior to entering the surgery area – helps with keeping things sanitized – and proceeded to my operation room. This is where things GOT WEIRD and I had no clue what to expect. I had general anesthesia which is the kind that makes you go to sleep. I certainly didn’t want to know what was going on because I can hardly stomach seeing needles used to draw blood.. no sir, knock me the eff out so I can wake up with fabulous titties!!

Four hours later and I’m waking up.. it’s a little vague right now, but I remember being back in my private room and that’s when I realized the surgery room was right next door. The nurses were able to be in my room in 5 seconds if I needed them via a call button, which I did use when I noticed at one point my fluids were super low in my IV, and they PROMPTLY changed it out with a fresh bag. Sometimes the anesthesiologists believe a patient might need the IV depending on pain level after surgery. Usually it’s given to patients with a more complex surgery plan or if pain level might be high after the surgery.. Basically, you may or may not get the IV.. I obviously did.

Amazingly, when I woke up I didn’t feel much pain
Medications went directly to my veins.

First thoughts when waking up… Weird, I oddly feel ok and I was given a heat pad which was AMAZING. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t in a huge amount of pain.
My husband met up with me (bring a friend to help you out or even if for morale support) and we hopped in a cab back to our Airbnb for the week so we could be closer to the clinic. I was pretty tired but seriously felt better than expected after undergoing surgery.

This is a special bra that helps to maintain proper position of implants during first days after surgery.

The 3rd day after I was given a surgery bra that outlines your boobs but clips in the back like a normal bra. Imagine a normal bra with no cups, just the strap outline.. it looks kind of fetishy. This helps to keep the implants in place because they can move around and nobody wants those new shiny toys to do any kind of mobilizing they aren’t supposed to. Since they didn’t cover the front boobs and your nipples are hanging free, I bought some nipple covers so I didn’t look like I was smuggling raisins.
I had a string of follow up appointments at the clinic, it varied from weekly to monthly, to every other month depending on my recovery status. Each appointment, I was seen by Dr. Seul so he could assess my post operation and tailor the process that was best for me. Everyone heals differently so it’s important to have someone who is knowledgeable and with much expertise. I put all my trust in Dr. Seul and I now realize he is seriously an artist!
I get asked what SIZE BOOBS I got. And while I knew the look I wanted, I described it as an average C but that while in surgery, if Dr. Seul thought I should be bigger (or smaller) to use his best judgment for my body frame. Picking your new boob size must be one of the hardest decisions, like ever!

I personally chose the Motiva implants with a chip and ended up with 275cc plus the extra fat grafting from my thighs to keep it looking natural. After the swelling went down (I waited 3 months before revamping my Victoria Secret wardrobe), I got measured and I went from a 34B to a 34D. I’m REALLY happy with the size and it really fits my body frame now. This is where expertise with a keen eye comes in and Dr. Seul DELIVERED!

You should discuss which implants work for you, your lifestyle, and expectations. I opted for the chipped Motiva (it can also come without the chip) because they can essentially scan your implants to check the details about your surgery and characteristics of the implants that were used during surgery. This is quite useful because after many years you can easily access all the info about the surgery, especially if you no longer remember what size or shape was used. The implant warranty is also extended which is something that was important to me.

I couldn’t be happier!! I wanted to focus this particular post on my personal experience with the reasons why I chose JW Plastic Surgery Clinic. While surgery isn’t for everyone and I’m not here to convince you to get boobs or anything done, this was my personal experience and decision. I now feel like my body is proportionate.. My hips now match my upper body and I didn’t realize how this would make me feel (so positive!).. Should you chose to move forward, you have a place you could bookmark for later to read about someone else’s boob journey. ESPECIALLY when choosing a country that may not be your home. Korea is huge on medical tourism and there’s a reason Seoul is particularly at the top of the list for foreigners; the number of surgeries performed, expertise, and board certified doctors are so top notch that I always felt so COMFORTABLE in putting my TRUST into Dr. Seul and the team at JW.