My Plastic Surgery Journey – Part II

Surgery Day

After many years of contemplation, I finally went ahead with my plastic surgery procedures. It took me almost a year to research on where and when I should do my surgeries. I was overwhelmed by all the choices available and was lost as to which doctor I should go with. After looking through YouTube and google, I have decided on JW Plastic Surgery Center in Korea.

Today is my 1 month post op! I can finally start wearing my glasses and drinking alcohol!

I would like to thank Jenny, the english translator from JW, she is absolutely a GEM. She was always there to reply to any of my questions through KakaoTalk and she made sure that everything goes well for me when I was in Korea. She even helped me and my friend ordered food delivery to our hotel after my eye surgery (it was pretty late when my surgery ended) She’s such a sweetheart ? Even up till now, she would still answer to any of my questions. 

But anyways, back to the post….

In today’s post, I will tell you about my pre-surgery experiences with JW Plastic Surgery Center. I will post photos of myself and tell you about my post op experiences in the next post as this post will get really lengthy (sorry if it gets boring!)

Let’s start with arriving at the airport in Korea. ?

I flew in to Gimpo Airport from Beijing on September 19. My flight was delayed for more than an hour, and I was really worried that there will be an issue with the pickup. I contacted Jenny the moment I landed and she replied almost immediately. Apparently, the driver was constantly checking on my flight status. After collecting my luggage and walking out towards the arrival hall, JW’s driver was standing there holding a board with my name on it. The driver was super courteous, unlike most taxi drivers in seoul (they have so much rage and anger) and I felt like a celebrity when he took my luggage and walked me to a luxury van. I was too excited that I forgot to take a photo of the car’s exterior, so I had to google for a photo of it.

See photos below:

The driver was even dressed in suit! so professional looking! The interior does look a little old but it felt super comfy ?

It was less than an hour ride and I was dropped off at my hotel at Gangnam. 
After resting at the hotel, I headed to JW by taxi. It was about a 5 minutes ride which cost about 4USD.

Once I’ve reached JW, I was greeted by a bunch of pretty ladies at the main lobby. I was then asked to fill in some forms about my past medical history and what surgeries I’m interested in.

1. Eye consultation

I was brought in for eye consultation with eye specialist in JW. He gave me a vibe that he knew that he’s good at what he does. I was quite surprised that he pointed out things that I never took notice before. He pointed out that half of my face was going downwards and the other half was going upwards. He also pointed out that I wasn’t able to close my eyes fully (this I didn’t know all my life).

We then discussed what kind of double eyelids suited me and I was surprised that he did not mention anything about epicanthoplasty (the opening of the inner corner of the eyes). I really wanted to do epicanthoplasty as I had Mongolian folds, so I asked him if I should do epicanthoplasty and he advised me not to do it as I will be doing rhinoplasty, which will make my eyes look closer.

2. Nose consultation

He said that I should wait for a year after my rhinoplasty to decide whether I want to do epicanthoplasty or not. I really like it that the doctors at JW wasn’t pushing for more surgeries.

After the eye consultation was done, I went for my nose consultation with nose specialist in JW. The consultation was a quick one as I was just going to briefly let him know what kind of nose I like and what I am trying to achieve from this rhinoplasty. (My nose surgery was on the following day and I will be consulting with him more thoroughly on that day).

Once all the consultations were done, I went in to a room with Jenny to discuss about the price. I negotiated to a price that I was comfortable with and then I went ahead to prepare for my eyes surgery.

My final surgery plans are:

  1. EYE: Ptosis correction double eyelid partial incision 
  2. NOSE: Use silicone for bridge augmentation and tip plasty using ear cartilage 

Check the pictures below !

The pictures below is before surgery and 4 months after surgery.

I don’t have to use eyelid tapes anymore ? my nose got more feminine.

I’m so happy with my results!