Flat nose tip correction (Flat nose tip plasty)

With regard to an ideal tip of nose, it is recommended for the line to be naturally connected from the glabellar area to the end of nose but in a somewhat round shape on frontal view.

In this case, nostrils should not show in excess and alar rims at both sides need to be in gentle sea gull shape.

In lateral view, it is ideal that alar rims should not be retracted or hanging so that it properly matches the nasal columella without the length exposed in 2~4mm. Proper nasolabial angle is 90~95 degree. And it is recommended that the height of nose occupies 50~60% of the nasal length.
At the base, it is ideal to keep not too broad a nasal base, gentle triangular nose, not excessively exaggerated infratip lobule, and nostrils in dear drop shape. It is not desirable to emphasize the projection of nasal tip resulting in an upturned nose or the nasal tip is being projected too much not properly matching the length or size of nose, or the whole face.

2. What is Tipplasty?

Generally speaking, the shape of nose with its tip slightly lifted looks more beautiful than the nose with its tip drooped or flat nose. Therefore, nasal tip plasty is performed for tip projection, tip rotation, or blunt tip correction.

3. Materials forJW’s Tip plasty

1) Ear Cartilage

2) Septal Nasal Cartilage

3) Rib Cartilage

  • JW’s Low Nose Tip correction:


Our surgeon will give a recommendation of procedures regarding to your Skin Thickness, Size of Cartilage, Nose tip appearance, and how you wish to be like will change the method of performing surgery.

JW’s Low Nose Tip Correction operation methods:

1) Columella Strut Graft

2) Shield Graft

3) Alar cartilage gathering

4) Septal Cartilage Extension Graft

5) Derotation Graft with Ear Cartilage

6) Hybrid Septal Cartilage Graft with Ear Cartilage

What is advantage of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic’s low nose tip correction?

1) Longer lasting without having nose tip sagging
2) Defined Nose Tip
3) Soft Nose Tip
4) 100% customized nose tip which it is most suitable with your face.

  • Operation time: 1hour to 2hours depending on the procedures.


  • Anesthesia for Flat nose tip correction (Flat nose tip plasty): Sedation (sleeping anesthesia) and Local anesthesia will be done at the same time.

*In the case it has to be done by using rib cartilage it will have to be performed by General anesthesia due to harvesting rib cartilage.

Before and After Pictures of JW’s Tip plasty for flat nose tip.


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