Double Eyelid Revision Changed my Impressions Completely!

I’d like to share a journey of my revision eye surgery with you guys here!

Hello, I’m Xiao Qian. I had double eyelid revision surgery in JW Plastic surgery clinic 9 months ago.

Before this surgery, i had very high and unnaturally puffy creases and the scars from previous surgery was too visible. To have more natural and favorable looks, I decided to undergo another double eyelid surgery with JW doctor.

This is my pictures before the surgery in JW.

When i didn’t put make up on my eyes, my eyes looked so puffy and was easy to be noticed that i had double eyelid surgery…

JW doctor told me that my creases were made so deeply that when i open my eyes, the double eyelids looked puffy.

He said it was very important to find out the best layer of the tissue inside upper eyelids for the most natural results.

He recommended me to release old severe scars inside and outside and create lower double eyelids naturally.

The pictures below were taken just after the surgery with JW doctor.

I didn’t feel much pain during the surgery and my recovery was very fast that i felt so hungry right after the surgery ?

Check how my eyes were recovered ?

When i reached 6th day of the surgery, my eyes were hardly noticed by people around me that i had surgery just 6 days ago !!

These are 7 months – postop pictures of my eyes below !

I love my result ! I can see the smooth and even double eyelids in a most natural way !

People thought my first impression was somewhat fierce but after the double eyelid revision surgery, I heard that my face looked nice and favorable after this surgery ?

This transformation with JW Plastic surgery clinic was the right one.