My Plastic Surgery Journey – Part I

Surgery Day

After many years of contemplation, I finally went ahead with my plastic surgery procedures. It took me almost a year to research on where and when I should do my surgeries. I was overwhelmed by all the choices available and was lost as to which doctor I should go with. After looking through YouTube and google, I have decided on JW Plastic Surgery Center in Korea.

The Trigger

I had very puffy monolids, especially in the morning, which always cause me to feel like I have cried my heart out over kdrama or something the previous night. See my pic below from 2010. Gosh I feel old looking at this photo lol.

I found out about double eyelid stickers/glue and I was addicted to it ever since. I couldn’t remember when did I start using double eyelid stickers, but I just remember that I have been using it for a really long time. This photo below is me with eyelid stickers.

I had one eyelid that became double eyelid due to the long-term usage of double eyelid stickers, but the other eyelid remained single. My eyelids became wrinkled, irritated and saggy due to constant pulling and tugging of the eyelid stickers. It was such a pain in the ass to waste so much time on the double eyelid stickers every time when I’m getting ready to go out. I also had a flat nose which was super unflattering and my glasses will always slide down as I didn’t had a bridge to support it. I just didn’t wanna deal with all these anymore and decided to gather up my courage to bring my ass to a clinic to get my eyes and nose done, once and for all.

The Research

You can search on youtube for their videos and see which clinics you feel more comfortable with. You can get a visual understanding of how the before and after looks like etc. However, do keep in mind to look for clinics that are more suitable for you and your features. Also, I personally like doctors who are able to create different kinds of eyes/noses over those who just create factory looking ones. I was also told by my Korean friends that I should look for doctors who were good with revision surgeries as those surgeries requires more skills. There are also many kind YouTubers out there who vlogs about their plastic surgery journey and you can get to see the recovery process etc.

The Decision

I have decided to go with a clinic that has doctors who can speak English. I did not want to risk getting lost in translations. There were some other very good clinics that I liked as well, but JW Plastic surgery clinic was good with eyes or noses, and I didn’t wanna do my surgeries separately in different clinics.

I honestly recommend you to pay the deposit before heading to Korea. There were many people whom I knew that went to Korea without paying a deposit to secure a surgery date in advance, they weren’t able to get the doctors that they truly wanted during their trip as the doctors were fully booked for the week/month etc. At first, I was worried that after paying the deposit, I might not be able to negotiate a better price upon arriving the clinic. However, I still manage to negotiate to a price that I had in mind. Also, for JW, you can get a certain percentage of the deposit refunded if you change your mind within a certain time frame. Paying a deposit would also secure a complimentary airport pickup and drop-off ?

I decided to choose JW plastic surgery clinic for the following reasons:

  • The doctors are able to speak fairly fluent English
  • Appeared on many interviews (such as BBC news)
  • They were invited to many Plastic Surgery meetings all over the world
  • They have a PhD in Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • I like the results of their previous patients
  • My gut tells me so lol

Okay, I shall stop here for my part one of the journey as it is getting really lengthy. In the next blog, I will include my plastic surgery journey in Korea?