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Sagging Breast Correction

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Regain your elastic, beautiful, & firm breasts

What is Sagging breast correction (Mastopexy)?

Sagging breast correction for natural volume and elastic breasts

As we age, the elastic fiber in our body’s connective tissues becomes looser and this can lead to sagging breasts. It can also be caused by pregnancy, childbirth, and rapid weight loss leading to aesthetic problems, discomfort in daily life, and stress. Sagging breast correction surgery, mastopexy, is an option for correcting and lifting the sagging breasts. 

Sagging breast correction lifts and reshapes the breasts; large areola can be reduced at the same time. In developed countries, sagging breast correction is performed as commonly as breast augmentation. The number of sagging breast surgeries in Korea is increasing as well.

  • Surgery Duration3 - 4 hours
  • HospitalizationNot required
  • # of Postoperative visits3 - 4 times
  • General AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • Removal of StitchesNot required
  • Recovery PeriodReturn to normal life after 3 - 4 days after the operation
We recommend sagging breast correction to the following people:
  • Those whose breasts have begun sagging with aging.
  • Those whose breasts have begun sagging after pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Those whose breasts have begun sagging due to rapid weight loss.

The causes of sagging breast

Decreased skin elasticity due to aging Weight loss

May cause stress.

Pregnancy and childbirth Obesity

Diagnosis of sagging breasts

The degree of sagging is judged by comparing the location of the nipple and the inframammary fold (the bottom line of the breast).


Effective Correction Of Sagging Breast

The breasts will regain a beautiful shape that suits the patient’s body.

Minimized Tissue Damages

The surgery is carried out under minute attention and we’ll monitor the nerves and blood vessels to minimize damage.

No scarring!

There will be minimal scarring without visible threads.

Less pain with quick recovery

To reduce pain and improve the recovery, we minimize the incision size.

Methods of Correcting Sagging Breasts

The surgical procedure will depend on the degree of sagging.


Small Breasts With Mild Sagging

This can be corrected only by breast augmentation. If general breast augmentation is insufficient, the ‘dual-plane’ breast augmentation method will be performed for better results.

Using this method, an incision is made to a part of the pectoralis major muscle for breast implants.

The dual-plane breast augmentation requires areola or inframammary fold incision. However, at JW Plastic Surgery, the double-plane breast augmentation can be performed through a small incision on the armpits using the endoscopic technique. The results are more effective for small breasts with a slight sagging degree.


Severe Sagging Which Cannot Be Corrected By Breast Augmentation.

Several methods of sagging breast correction might be needed. If the degree of sagging is not severe, the crescent-shaped incision or the periareolar incision will be used to perform corrections.

If the degree of the drooping is more severe, surgery is performed with either a vertical incision or an inverted-T shaped incision.


Small Breasts With Severe Sagging

The sagging breast correction can be performed concurrently with breast augmentation (Augmentation Mastopexy).

Incision Techniques

Crescent-shaped Incision

  • Best for slightly sagging breasts
  • Minimal scarring
  • Often performed with breast augmentation

Periareolar Incision

  • Effective for moderate sagging
  • Scars are limited to the areola

Vertical Incision

  • Effective for severely sagging breasts
  • Better results than the periareolar incision
  • Less scarring than the inverted T-shaped incision

Inverted T-shaped Incision

  • Applicable for both macromastia and sagging breast correction
  • Best results for sagging breast correction

Recovery from Sagging Breast Correction

You can be discharged on the day of surgery, and return to daily life in 2 – 3 days.
Sagging breast correction is generally similar to breast reduction, except that it does not reduce the volume of the breast. Therefore, the progress is faster and the recovery period is shorter than breast reduction.


Postoperative complications such as bleeding and infection vary depending on the patient’s conditions. Pay extra attention to the postoperative management instructions.

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