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Breast Augmentation with Implants

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Safe and customized endoscopic breast augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation with Implants?

JW breast augmentation gives you voluptuous and natural-looking breasts 

Breast augmentation, augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure used to enlarge the breast size by inserting implants beneath the breast tissues or muscles.

Breast Augmentation Surgery by JW Plastic Surgery is not a one-size-fits-all surgery. We choose implant type and size considering each patient’s individual conditions such as the patient’s physical condition (skin thickness and elasticity, chest wall, original breast size, etc.) and the patient’s desire (how much bigger they want their breast to be, etc.) so that the patient can achieve the most satisfactory and natural results with regards to their body proportions.

  • Surgery Duration1 hours
  • HospitalizationNot Required
  • # of Postoperative visits2 - 3 times
  • AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • Not RequiredNot required
  • Recovery PeriodReturn to normal life 1 - 2 days after operation

HD Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Safe and precise breast surgery using HD endoscopy technology

Every individual has different standards for their desired breast size. However, the breasts can also be evaluated based on objective criteria. JW Plastic Surgery performs HD endoscopic breast augmentation, considering the objective measurement results and the patient’s body conditions.

Surgical methods used for breast surgery vary depending on the patient’s breast shape and conditions. JW Plastic Surgery selects the best surgical method for you to achieve your desired beauty and get satisfactory results.


The Golden Ratio For The Breasts

JW Plastic Surgery strives to perform the best surgical procedure based on the different characteristics of each individual.

Factors Considered For HD Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Bust Size
  • Chest Width
  • Chest Height
  • Areola Size
  • Skin Thickness
  • Skin Type
  • Distance from sternum to the nipples
  • Distance from the midline to nipples
  • Distance from clavicle to nipples
  • Distance from the lower breast line to nipples
  • Clothing styles
  • Desired breast size
  • Occupation type
  • Sports & other physical activities

Customized Surgery Using a Sizer

Step 1

Create the space needed for breast implants using HD endoscopy equipment.

Step 2

Insert a sizer to find the best breast implants size.

Step 3

Based on the analysis results, suitable breast implants will be inserted.

Step 4

This method of finding an appropriate size helps create beautiful and natural-looking breasts and is great for correcting asymmetrical breasts.

JW’s Know-how In Breast Augmentation Using Implants


We create beautiful and voluptuous breasts using customized breast implants.


The result is satisfactory with natural-looking and soft breasts as if they were originally yours.


HD endoscopic breast augmentation minimizes damages on vessels and tissues by providing a clear view of the surgical site.


We lower the chance of breast asymmetry through a calculated and precise operation.


We lower the chance of capsular contracture through accurate surgery.


We minimize the bleeding and pain during the operation so that you can return to normal life as soon as possible.

Not all the endoscopic breast augmentations are the same!

JW’s medical professionals have been performing endoscopic breast augmentation procedures since it was first introduced to Korea as a breast surgery method. Our surgeons have been engaged in numerous academic presentations and other related activities for endoscopic breast augmentation.

Although plastic surgeons performing endoscopic breast augmentation are increasing, advanced skills and expertise require a lot of time to obtain.

#1 | Breast augmentation using HD endoscopy equipment

#2 | Prescription of special medications after an operation

For natural breasts, we prescribe special medications based on clinical research to minimize capsular contracture. Even in patients who have a high possibility of capsular contracture build-up, the possibility is minimized.

#3 | Minimize Scarring

All incisions are made at the minimum required length. It might be easier to operate with a long incision but the scar will also be more visible. In addition, since the subcutaneous layer is stitched with dissolving thread and the skin surface is sutured using special tape the visible scarring will be minimal. Showering will be possible 2-3 days after the surgery and there will be no need to remove stitches.

In the case of axillary (armpit) incisions, the incision is made on the existing wrinkles on the deepest part of the axilla which helps avoid visible scars.

A. Incision On The Armpits (Axillary Incision)

Step 1

The deepest wrinkle on the armpit is selected for the incision.

Step 2

Before the operation, we make a 3.5 cm incision on the selected wrinkle.

Step 3

Anesthetic and hemostatic agents are injected into the breasts and armpits.

Step 4

After the incision, we create space for the breast implants using the HD endoscopy machine, then the breast implants are inserted.

Step 5

Incisions are closed with methods used in facioplasty to minimize scarring.

Step 6

After 12 months, there are no visible scars.
B. Zigzag Incision Techniques Minimize Visible Scars Around Areola

Unlike the general periareolar incision, JW performs a zigzag incision along the outer edge of the areola to minimize scarring.

C. Incision On The Inframammary Fold (Under The Breasts)

If the inframammary fold is deep or the patient has enough skin, the scars heal well.

#4 | Special Shaping Bra

Although breast asymmetry is corrected during breast augmentation surgery, breast shapes may change as time goes by depending on the patient’s lifestyle or the breast tissue structure. For example, a right-handed person will use her right arm significantly more often. In addition, the heart is tilted towards the left side of the chest, so it is not easy to maintain the balance based on body structure and living conditions.

The shaping bra serves to maintain and correct the position of the implants and shape of the breasts. Also, some patients find that after augmentation surgery the fold line under the breast changes; the special shaping bra also helps with maintaining the breast line and expanding the lower part of the breast to keep the natural look.

JW Plastic Surgery provides the special shaping bra free of charge; the range of the correction bra will be adjusted to suit your breast shape every time you visit the hospital.

#5 | Pain Management System

Many patients worry about the pain of breast surgery. Pain is generally generated by bleeding, inflammation, and tissue damages. The HD endoscopy breast surgery minimizes bleeding and tissue damages which significantly reduces pain.

In addition, intercostal anesthesia is provided during the operation and after the operation, the patient will be prescribed analgesics (pain medication). This way, the patient hardly feels any pain and won’t need any epidural injections for pain. Patients can leave the hospital on the day of surgery without hospitalization.


#6 | Breast Surgery That Does Not Require Any Massage

Smooth-TYPED Breast Implants Textured Breast Implants (JW)
Massage required (O) Massage NOT required (X)

When using smooth breast implants, enough space should be secured for breast implants. This space should not be narrowed so that the implants can move freely.

That is why the patients will have to start getting massage therapy after one week from the operation.

The rough surface of textured breast implants prevents contracture and induces the assimilation of the breast implants with the neighboring tissues by weakening the tightness in the epithelium.

Textured breast implants reduce the risk of side effects, such as capsular contracture and shift in location, compared to smooth breast implants.

In addition, breast augmentation with textured breast implants does not require massage therapy. In the past, textured breast implants were not widely used because their texture was unnatural compared to smooth breast implants. Now, textured breast implants are used widely since their texture has been greatly improved.

Q&A About Breast Augmentation

Q:Can I breastfeed and have breast cancer screening after breast augmentation?

Breast implants are inserted under the mammary glands or pectoralis major muscles. They have no impact on the function of the mammary glands and lactiferous ducts involved in breast milk production. Therefore, there are no concerns regarding breastfeeding or undergoing cancer screening after the operation.

Q:Which breast implants should I choose for breast augmentation? Round breast implants or a teardrop breast implant?

A Round breast implant made of cohesive silicone gel is softer than a teardrop breast implant. However, those who have thin tissues may experience the rippling due to the wrinkling of the edges of the breast implant.

Teardrop Breast implants give a more beautiful and natural-looking breast shape to those who have sagging breast tissue, tuberous breasts, or tight breast tissue. In addition, patients who undergo breast surgery with teardrop breast implants are much less likely to experience the rippling phenomenon as teardrop breast implants are made of a more cohesive gel than round breast implants and feel firm.
Although teardrop breast implants have more advantages than round breast implants, it does not mean that they are the best option for all patients. Breast implants should be selected considering the patient’s body conditions and tastes.

Q:What is capsular contracture?

When an implant enters the human body, a thin film of scar tissue forms around the implant. This film is called a capsule and all patients who undergo breast augmentation using breast implants experience this. Capsular contracture refers to a condition where the capsule thickens and contracts abnormally.
Severe capsular contracture results in a stiff and unnatural breast shape. Capsular contracture may occur when there is a lot of blood or inflammation in the surgical site. Some patients might experience capsular contracture due to severe reactions due to implant rejection.

In order to prevent this, thorough hemostasis and disinfection during surgery are required and the space for implants must be created with accuracy. In addition, postoperative prevention medication is prescribed to reduce the chances of rejection. In the case of operation with a smooth implant, post-surgery massage is required to minimize the risk. The textured implants have an anti-capsular contracture surface, so there is no need for massage.

Q:What is the difference between smooth breast implants and textured breast implants?

Breast implants are divided into smooth breast implants and textured breast implants depending on their surface texture. Textured breast implants are made by adding bumps on the surface of the breast implants. Even though capsular contracture might occur, the textured breast implants relieve it by dispersing the pressure. As smooth breast implants do not have this function, the patient should receive massage therapy to improve the space available for the breast implants. In the past, textured breast implants were not widely used because of their thick outer cover and unnatural texture. However, the most recent textured breast implants have a thin outer cover and feel almost the same as smooth breast implants.

Textured breast implants reduce the risk of side effects such as capsular contracture and location change compared to smooth breast implants. In addition, breast augmentation using textured breast implants does not require massage therapies and patients do not have to check the progress as frequently.

Different breast implant types create different results. After the massage therapy, smooth breast implants may feel as though they move slightly towards the armpits when the patient lies down. Some people misunderstand that this is more natural. However, the implant can feel separate from the breast which is more unnatural. Textured breast implants fit well with the patient’s breasts; textured breast implants feel natural and do not move into an unnatural position.

Surgical Procedure

Step 1

Secure space for the breast implants using an endoscopy machine and calculate the preferred breast shape and size with a sizer.

Step 2

Reinforce soft tissues with fat transfer.

Step 3

Select and insert the most suitable breast implants, considering the expected breast size and shape.

Step 4

Transfer additional fat to the breasts if necessary.


Postoperative complications such as bleeding and infection vary depending on each patient’s conditions and care. Pay extra attention to postoperative management as instructed by the clinical staff.

With more than 24 years of experience, a surgeon specialized in Breast Surgery.

JW surgeon for the Breast has been performing surgery with know-how from various clinical experiences, as well as dedication to achieving the best result by medical research.