Nose Surgery

Bulbous Tip Correction and Alar Reduction

Transform your aura from an unkempt image to a polished one

What are the alar reduction and bulbous tip correction procedures?

A nose with a wide alar base and a bulbous tip can mess with the impression people get from you.

In the past, in Korea, this shape of the nose was believed to bring good luck. However, this type of nose is not considered attractive in our times and is considered dull. In particular, many Asians have come to form a dislike for this shape. 

The causes of the bulbous nose shape include excess cartilage at the nasal tip, the abnormal spread of cartilage towards the sides of the nose, excess flesh between the nose tip and alae.

We’ll create a customized and slim nasal tip for you based on your facial features and what balances your face best. To achieve this, we revise the cartilage and/or remove the fat and excess tissue. Our goal is to give you the best nose surgery in Korea at JW. 

At JW we reduce the size of the nasal tip, corrects bulbous tip through the reshaping of the tip, and refine the thick skin tissues.

  • Surgery Duration1.5 - 2 hours
  • HospitalizationNot Required
  • # of Postoperative visits2 Visits
  • AnesthesiaSedation or Local Anesthesia
  • Removal of Stitches5 - 7 days after the operation
  • Recovery PeriodReturn to normal life after the removal of stitches
Alar reduction and bulbous tip correction are recommended for:
  • People with large nasal alae whose nose seems big and spread out.
  • People with a bulbous nose and big alar.
  • People who have a round nose tip.
  • People with thick skin and fat on the alar

JW’s Expertise and Skills in Alar Reduction and Bulbous Tip Correction

Careful and detailed correction!

Alar correction, which reduces the size of the nostrils, is concurrently done with the nasal tip correction. The procedure refines the shape of cartilage at the nasal tip and allows a complete reshaping of the nose.

Your safety is our number one priority

Our patients’ safety is our number one priority. Therefore, we perform safe operations with the help of our in-house anesthesiology specialist, who is in charge of patient safety.

Enjoy a balanced face with a proportionally sized and beautiful nose

Not only do we reduce the size of the nasal tip but also correct bulbous tip by reshaping the tip and refining the thick skin tissues.

Polished and fresh image, a nose well balanced with the facial dimensions

We’ll work on a final result that is proportionally balanced with your other facial features.

Beautiful and natural-looking nose line without any implant

Without adding any artificial implants, we reshape the small wedges of the nose and the nasal tip. This way, patients don’t end up with an unnatural look that can be caused by an artificial implant. In addition, the patients can avoid negative effects such as a nose tip that is hard to the touch or red.

The Golden Ratio of the Nose

The ideal width of the alar base is one-fifth of the facial width. In a beautiful face, the width of the alar base equals the gap between the eyes, the so-called glabella.

When seen from the bottom, It is ideal that the nose looks like an equilateral triangle and the nostrils take up to two-thirds of the total length of the nose.

Bulbous Tip Correction and Wide Alar Base Reduction at JW Plastic Surgery Center

#1 | Manipulation of alar (lower level) cartilage



The surgeon makes an incision into the alar cartilage in the nasal tip to refine the shape.


Suture techniques are used to decrease the distance between the alar cartilage, minimizing the nasal curve and realigning cartilage position.

#2 | Debulking of Soft Tissue

Excessive subcutaneous tissue is removed from the bulbous nose.

#3 | Correction of Wide Alar Base

For patients with a wide alar base, we directly reduce the size of each alar. There are several reduction methods available:

  • Reducing the size by cutting the lower section of the inner side of the nostrils
  • Narrowing the alar by tying them with alar cinching (gathering alar cartilage using a stitching method)
  • The mixed technique using both incisions and cinching, cutting a wedge in the outer side of the alar and narrowing it up to the desired width.


Incision on the inner part of the alar
Alar cinching
Incision on the outer part of the alar
Incision on both sides of the alar

Other Alar Reduction Methods

1 | Alar raised upwards with visible nostrils

This means the nasal tip is positioned proportionally well but the alar are pulled upwards making the nostrils, and the inside of the nose, visible. In this case, the sunken parts are filled up after a particular inner side of the nostrils is incised.

When necessary, and to secure the corrected parts, autoplasty will be transplanted into the inner side of the alar.

2 | Drooping alar

A direct incision will be made and the drooping segments will be removed.

3 | Thick and wide alar

We directly narrow the width of the alar by making a partial incision of the inner or outer side of the alar.

With more than 20 years of experience, Surgeons specialized in Nose Surgery.

JW nose team constitutes 2 nose specialists with know-how from various clinical experiences, as well as dedication to achieving the best result by medical research. Get the best bulbous tip correction surgery in Korea at JW Clinic.