I got 10 years younger in Korea. My facelift real story.

Hello everyone! I am Wang Fang . I am Chinese entrepreneur who lives in Korea. I want to tell you about my facelifting experience in Korea. I will tell you about all steps I went through on my journey back to the youth!

I started to be very concerned about my aging symptoms when I reached my late 40s. I began to realize that my skin is not as elastic as it was. I was observing my wrinkles and nasolabial folds getting deeper and deeper. Sagging skin on my cheeks made my face look square and big. The skin under my chin caused a visible “double chin”. Also, the skin folds over my eyes, looked droopy and almost covered my eyelids. My self-confidence was slowly decreasing until I began to feel that something needs to be done. After my 50th birthday, I bravely decided to get plastic surgery.

I did broad and deep research, looking for the best clinic in Korea to get the facelift. It wasn’t easy. There are hundreds of plastic surgery and aesthetic clinics in the Gangnam area only. And finding the best one might be overwhelming. I didn’t know which one to trust. I decided to contact a few of them and get online consultations. Amongst the clinics I contacted, JW Plastic Surgery seemed to be the most reliable. I got a detailed recommendation, based on photos I’ve sent and the effect I described. I could feel that they really consider my case. That it’s not a copy-paste recommendation they sent to everyone.

What was also very important to me, was that JW Plastic Surgery is known from their safety. During 22 years of their activity, they never had any accident. The same doctor take care of every patient during consultation, performes the surgery and follow-up visits. There is no possibility of ghost doctor. They have CCTV in every surgery room, so you are sure that everything is done as it should be.

I got my consultation scheduled with Dr. Kang. It wasn’t that easy to find and secure a free slot, so I strongly advise you to get your consultation scheduled in advance. The consultant who took care of me was a native Chinese speaker, so I felt even more assured. I know the Korean language a little bit, but not to the extent, that I could understand the doctor’s whole recommendation. I was actually very worried, that I could misunderstand something. I felt totally at ease when I knew that a native speaker of my mother tongue, will be with me throughout the whole process.

Dr. Kang, who I met during the consultation confirmed the best plan for me. I should undergo a SMAS facelift, to solve the problem of sagging skin and wrinkles, and an endoscopic forehead lift to reduce forehead wrinkles and fix the brow line and sagging folds over my eyelids. Dr. Kang explained everything about the surgeries – the technique and what exact effects they give. Dr. Kang is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in anti-aging and eye surgery, so I knew I can trust him. I got my surgery scheduled a couple of days after the consultation. Before the surgery, I was provided with all necessary examinations, to make sure that I can safely undergo the procedure.

On the day of the surgery, I came to the hospital earlier to have a pre-operation consultation with Dr. Kang. The doctor made the surgery design on my face, marking lines and directions. That day I was strictly fasting – even drinking water is not allowed on the surgery day.

Jun – my Chinese speaking coordinator, then took me to the recovery room, where I was waiting to be taken to the surgery room. I was a little nervous before, but her caring approach absolutely calmed me down. My coordinator was with me until I fell asleep. I didn’t feel anything during the surgery. Anesthesiologist Dr Lee took care of my effective anaesthesia. I didn’t even feel how much time it took. I was surprised when they told me that the whole procedure lasted 7h!

When I woke up, I didn’t feel any pain as well. I was just a little dizzy, because of the anesthesia. My face was swollen. I could see and feel it. Jun handed me medications (painkillers and anti-inflammatory) that I had to take during first weeks after the surgery. I also got a pumpkin juice, that helps to reduce the swelling. I was scheduled for another meeting with the doctor on the next day. I was also advised to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking for one month. That wasn’t a big deal for me, as I am not a big drinker, and I don’t smoke at all.

First day after the operation was probably the worst, when it comes to swelling and discomfort. My face was swollen and stiff and its mobility was reduced. But this is normal the day after SMAS facelift. My recovery process was carefully observed by Dr. Kang, so I wasn’t too worried. This is my photo, taken the day after the surgery. My face is fully surrounded with the dressing, that made me look like a cantaloupe. 

Next follow up was scheduled on the day 4th after the surgery. On that day the swelling was significantly reduced. I was still feeling the stiffness on my neck and behind ears, but doctor said it is normal and will completely come off a few months after. Doctor examined my face and incision areas and changed the dressing by himself.

First couple of days after the surgery, it is better to not shampoo your hair by yourself, but the clinic provides with shampoo service, so I felt refreshed wevery time I came for the follow-up.

Below are my 4th-day photos. As you can see, compared to day 1st, the swelling much wore off. Part of the dressing was also removed, so I felt much more comfortable. Seeing that much improvement in only 4 days was so exciting. I just couldn’t wait to see my final result! The next appointment was scheduled for the 7th day after, and the 14th day after for the stitches removal.  

On the 7th day, I got my dressing completely removed. I didn’t feel any pain, and the discomfort was totally bearable. It just felt like someone was pulling my skin up. I was much less swollen, and bruising was also greatly reduced. I could see the first signs of the effect. I knew that it was too early, but I already felt that I am getting younger.  

2 weeks after the operation my stitches were finally removed. Bruising was almost gone, but the swelling looked more or less the same. The beautiful lines of my eyelids crease was visible again! And they looked so natural, just like when I was younger!

I could finally enjoy the effect of the surgery some time after one month. My swelling completely wore off. I didn’t feel any pain, any discomfort normally. I could feel only a slight stiffness when I touched areas behind the ears, but doctor said it is normal and will be gone in couple of months. Before the surgery, I was concerned that it might result with nerve damage. That’s why I was looking for the surgeon so carefully. Of course, nothing like that happened. Mobility and feeling of my face were not affected at all. My face is fully mobile. When I speak or smile, my face behaves very natural, and no-one would tell that I had the surgery, besides I look so much younger.

The other thing I was afraid of, was the scar. Endoscopic forehead lift has very small incision area and it is located behind the hair line, so it wasn’t my biggest concern. However, SMAS facelift has a relatively long incision site, and I was truly afraid that the scar might be visible. My worries were unfounded. The scar is not visible at all. There is not even a slight redness. On the photo below you can see how the incision area was recovering.

If you compare my before photo with the most recent one, there is no visible difference! During the consultation Dr. Kang assured me that the scar will not be obvious, but the result exceeded my expectations. The scar is almost unnoticeable. 

Here you can see how much I changed before and after surgery. I look notably younger, and I have never felt so beautiful. People are complimenting me, asking what surgery I got and where I got it. I feel happy and I feel confident. Before the surgery, with or without makeup my face looked blunt and old. Now it is naturally youthful. My nasolabial folds and wrinkles were reduced. My skin looks elastic. My face look smaller and natural v-line was revealed. I couldn’t be happier with the result. I love my new face and I love new, self-confident me.

My quick recovery and great result were thanks to experience and skill of Dr. Kang. In JW Plastic Surgery the consultation, the operation and follow-up visits are all conducted by the doctor. I really felt that I am well taken care of. I am very thankful to Dr. Kang and Ms. K, who assisted me through the process. I sincerely recommend JW Plastic Surgery to everyone, who think about plastic surgery. I was so afraid and uncertain before, but truly caring JW staff and exceptionally skilled Dr. Kang, changed my life.

One more tip from me. If you want to schedule the consultation in JW Plastic Surgery, I recommend contacting them in advance. Doctors there, have only 2-3 surgeries per day and they pay utmost attention to every patient, so the schedule is really tight. I booked my consultation 1 month in advance, but the earliest the better.