Dr. Suh Man Koon presenting at Aeasthetic Plastic Surgery 2022

On April 16th Dr. Suh Man Koon – director and rhinoplasty specialist of JW Plastic Surgery Korea has been presenting at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2022 – a major specialistic symposium dedicated to plastic and reconstructive surgery organized by Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Suh lectured about Correction of Pinched Tip Deformity – a condition, that occur most often after wrongly performed primary or multiple revision rhinoplasties. Succesful correction pinched tip demands a an extensive knowledge and great techique, thus listeners were very glad that Dr. Suh shared some of his expertise to help achievieng satisfied result to more patients.

Besides being a presenting guest on APS 2022, Dr. Suh were honored to be a moderator of whole panel dedicated to rhinoplasty.

You can read more about the conference and guests here.

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