Breast Lift with Implants and Minimal Scar – My Real Story with JW Plastic Surgery

Deciding to get my breast done was one of the best decisions I made. I love everything about them. How they look, their size, and, most importantly, make me feel about myself. When I decided I wanted to pursue this surgery, I knew I would be going to JW. Over a year ago, I had Rhinoplasty surgery at JW, and Emily, my consultant, was fantastic before, during, and after the whole process. Hence, it was an easy choice to have my breast done at JW and be cared for by Emily, the doctors, and the staff there. The team’s professionalism, compassion, and dedication at JW are outstanding.

Before the Surgery

My initial consultation with Dr. Seul was unforgettable. When entering his office, I immediately noticed the dozens of awards and certificates displayed beautifully everywhere. It was very impressive, but what made the experience more memorable was how I was greeted and cared for by such a humble and thoughtful doctor. It was evident that the staff there truly respected and enjoyed working with Dr. Seul, and after just a short time with him, It became clear to me why. His kindness, professionalism, and passion for his work instantly put me at ease. He took his time during my examination and explained the procedures I would need to get the optimal look and appearance I wanted. He was straightforward and detailed in his answers and was clear on what would ultimately look best for my body. I could tell that Dr. Seul really treated each surgery and patient with the same care and thought as the next, and that every patient was important to him.

The entire consultation took about one hour, and the surgery plan we decided on was the Motiva implants, a breast lift, and fat transfer from my liposuction on my side flanks and stomach, also known as Periareolar Augmentation Mastopexy (Motiva Implants), fat graft, liposuction-abdomen, post flanks. Also, for reference, I had uneven, saggy breasts and was a 34B bra size before my breast surgery. After my consultation, I told Emily id like some time to discuss everything with my husband. Although I felt confident with Dr. Seul as my surgeon, It was a more extensive surgery than I had initially anticipated, and I wanted to ensure I thought it through. After I had time to think it through, I went ahead and scheduled the big day. The month leading up to my surgery was difficult at times. I would find myself randomly thinking about the recovery, how much pain I would be in afterward, and what I would be feeling in those moments before going under anesthesia.

Surgery Day

Once in the operating room, I was greeted by a team of nurses. When I say Dr. Seul’s nurses are the best, I mean it! They were so gentle yet incredibly efficient with everything they did. Emily was, of course, with me during everything and listened to my needs. Once I was settled on the operating table, Dr. Lee, the anesthesiologist, arrived. I want to highlight how wonderful and at ease Dr. Lee made me feel. Dr. Lee was my anesthesiologist for my rhinoplasty surgery, so it was wonderful to have her as part of my surgery team again. Even behind her surgical mask, I could see a massive smile from ear to ear. My last memory is speaking with the staff before drifting asleep.

After the Surgery – surprisingly no pain!

Nevertheless, when the day arrived, and I saw Emily and the staff at JW, my nerves quickly started to fade. I knew my surgery would be long, I arrived at JW at 10am, and they anticipated me to be discharged from the hospital around 9pm that evening. Before the surgery, I was measured for my compression garment, which I would need to wear afterward for my liposuction, and then we went over the procedures and agreement once more, and answered any last minute questions I had. By noon, I gave my husband a huge hug and followed Emily to the operating room.

I just woke up in the recovery room

The first night, I was able to eat; I had my IV drip and took the prescribed medication JW gave me. I slept comfortably on my back, elevated. I stayed at a nearby hotel, just around the corner; that way, It would be easy to make it to all my follow-up appointments. By day four, I could walk to get food at the mall attached to the hotel I was staying at. Although It was a short walk, it felt great to get up and out, and I wasn’t in pain. I did experience some discomfort from the compression garment and surgery bra. At the end of my first week, I was operating fully, just at a slower and easier pace.  

I wasn’t exercising or doing anything active, but I was doing most of my normal everyday activities. I went to work, took short walks, went to buy groceries, met up with friends, etc. It was a smooth recovery process. Photos below show how my recovery process looked like in the first week.

It wasn’t until month 4 that I felt like I could start exercising lightly again. I’m still taking it easy, but I can run and do cardio again. My breast look incredible, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. At the end I had 280 CC implants put in for my right breast. 290cc for my left, as well as fat transfer from my liposuction procedures, all this to make my breast as similar as possible. After my surgery, I’m a 38C bra size and have beautiful proportional size lifted breast, and I have minimal scarring. They look great on my body and are perfect for my lifestyle. I love the size of my breast and am thankful for the time and effort put into my surgery by the team at JW.

This is my before and after photo – my breasts are fuller and symmetrical