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Breast Reduction

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Breast size reduction, beautiful and comfortable breasts

What is Breast Reduction?

JW’s breast reduction surgery for your health and beautiful body shape

Overly large breasts (breast hypertrophy or macromastia) can be uncomfortable; women with overly large breasts can experience difficulty in daily life, pain (in the neck, back, and shoulders due to the weight of the breast), and feel dissatisfied with the aesthetics (due to issues such as sagging tissue).

In this case, breast reduction surgery is an available option for correcting the size and shape of overly large breasts. The patient satisfaction rate is high after a well-planned and executed breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most complicated and difficult types of mammoplasty and should be performed by skilled specialists with extensive experience.

  • Surgery Duration3 - 4 hours
  • HospitalizationNot required or 1 day
  • # of Postoperative visits3 - 4 times
  • AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • Removal of StitchesNot required
  • Recovery PeriodReturn to normal life 3 – 4 days after the operation
We recommend breast reduction to the following people:
  • Those who have extremely large breasts that do not match their body.
  • Those who experience pain in the shoulders, neck, and back or eczema under the breasts due to macromastia.
  • Those whose breasts have started sagging due to pregnancy, childbirth, or extreme dieting.

The Causes of Macromastia / Breast Ptosis / Breast Hypertrophy

Breast tissues can overdevelop due to the abnormal influences of the hormones. 


Macromastia and severe breast ptosis may lead to stress and physical pain.

Pregnancy and childbirth Obesity

The Features of JW’s Breast Reduction

Minimized tissue damages

When the operation is performed, we directly monitor the nerves and blood vessels in the breast tissue to reduce nerve damage.

Effective Results

We offer a delicate procedure through our highly skilled medical specialists to create natural-looking breasts.

No scarring!

Breast reduction is known as a difficult operation. Therefore, it should be performed by specialists with extensive experience to minimize scarring and maximize patient satisfaction.

No pain! Rapid recovery!

We minimize the incision size to reduce pain and promote rapid recovery from the operation.

Surgical methods for breast reduction

Periareolar incision

  • Suitable for patients whose breasts are not very large
  • Short operation time and less scarring

Vertical Incision

  • More effective compared to periareolar incision
  • Less scarring compared to the inverted T-shaped incision

Inverted T-shaped Incision

  • Applicable for macromastia/breast ptosis
  • Allows more size reduction compared to the other methods

Incision w/o Vertical Scars

  • Used for correcting extremely large breasts
  • No vertical scars
  • The breast becomes slightly flatter than the inverted T-shaped incision

Recovery from Breast Reduction

You may experience pain for one or two days after the operation. The pain can be relieved with prescribed medication.
The dressing will be removed two days after the operation. Patients will have to wear soft brassieres for several weeks.
Swelling and discoloration on the surgical sites will disappear within a few days.

With more than 21 years of experience, a surgeon specialized in Breast Surgery.

JW surgeon for the Breast has been performing surgery with know-how from various clinical experiences, as well as dedication to achieving the best result by medical research.