Plastic Surgery in Korea, General Anesthesia Ends up Leading to the Death.

Recently, plastic surgery has become so common and regular that is like buying accessories for your outfit. We can easily see friends around us getting surgeries when they graduate high school or get their first paycheck. Over the years, South Korea has been becoming one of the plastic surgery capital of the world. Many patients from overseas come to South Korea to have plastic surgery. Due to the huge increase in plastic surgery operations, the number of accidents has also increased. The most common accidents are general anesthesia accidents.

Thus, we have gathered a few common misconceptions about general anesthesia:
-Sleeping anesthesia(sedation) is safe, and general anesthesia is dangerous and causes anesthesia accident.
-After undergoing general anesthesia, it causes severe anesthesia complications like chill or nausea.
-There is a possibility of being awake during the surgery and feeling pains.
-General anesthesia can lead to death because patients are unable to wake up after undergoing it.

1. Differences between General Anesthesia and Sleeping anesthesia(sedation)

General anesthesia: General anesthesia is a medicine that is administered through a mask or an IV placed in the vein. While the anesthesia is working, patients will be unconscious and many of patient body’s functions will slow down or need help to work effectively. During the procedure, the anesthesiologist will monitor heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and other vital signs to make sure they are normal and steady while patients remain unconscious and free of pain.

Sedation: sedation relieves patient’s anxiety and have a very little effect on the patient’s awareness; however a moderate sedation can depresses on’s consciousness. There are chances of awakening from sedation because of a light touch or by speaking to the patients. Patients may also experience a short-term memory loss. Though, ultimately sedation helps to relieve pain and discomfort from the surgery.

* which type of sedation is better?? laughing gas or IV sedation? 
sedation can be administered orally or through the veins. When it comes to using gas as an agent, the amount of the gas needed for each patient is different because it is based on an individual’s characteristics. Thus, it is difficult to exactly predict the proper amount of gas before it is actually administered. In comparison, IV sedation works more instantaneously, as well as it is safer and more accurate. In South Korea, we have been using IV sedation for such a long time since it is considered a more advanced way to administer anesthesia and in that time a decent amount of data regarding IV sedation has also been collected, to help improve the process.


2. Then, When General Anesthesia is Required??

-when the surgical area is large
-when surgery is quite invasive and excessive
-when the movement of the patient can interfere with the surgery
-when the surgery requires the patient to be in an uncomfortable position throughout the whole operation.
-when surgery is going to take a long time

So as we can see based on the complete situation of the surgery should be what determines the type of anesthesia that should be used. By considering all elements of the surgery, it helps reduce any dangerous situation. If those surgeries above are done under a general anesthesia and are being monitored by board-certificated anesthesiologist, the surgery will be much safer and the change of any complications such as anesthesia accident, even death is very minimal.


3. 7 Reasons Why JW is so Safe.

What does JW Plastic Surgery Korea in order to achieve the highest level of safety (to prevent anesthesia accident) and reduce a possible risk with anesthesia during surgery?

-JW has an In-house Anesthesiologist will take care of your anesthesia before and during your surgery while you are recovering.

-JW  always make sure to have all necessary safety equipment just in case of any accidents or emergency situations.


-Constant monitoring throughout the entire surgery: While surgery, patients’s pulse, temperature, ECG and oxygen saturation keep being monitored frequently so that we can react to patient’s condition promptly.

– We use an effective medication for malignant hyperthermia which is a possible complication when using general anesthesia. This medication allows us to handle and correct the situation immediately.

-A sensitive pressure monitoring device: This is a machine which sensitively perceives any change in pressure of anesthetic or oxygen ratio due to various reasons during the surgery.

-In case a patient isn’t able to open their mouth widely due to pain in their jaw ( temporomandibular joint dysfuntion), JW uses a light guided system(lighted intubation stylet)’ to assure a smooth process as well as to prevent anesthesia accident and complication.


-sidestream capnography: this device tracks the patient’s breathing and indicates any changess, which allows us to promptly respond to assure the patient’s safety.


4. Well-organized diagnostic system

-preoperative examination: At JW we have all the essential equipment and systems to conduct any necessary examinations before an operation, so our patients only need to go to one location for all examinations or check-ups.

To undergo general anesthesia, a few examinations are required beforehand for patients’ safety for the patients’ safety. For patients’ convenience, JW Plastic Surgery Korea has a variety of medical devices that can perform all the necessary examination so that our patients doesn’t need to visit other clinic or hospital.
After doing X-ray, blood test, and EKG, the surgeons will decide whether a patient is okay to have surgery or not. Also, all JW surgeons plan and perform surgeries only after they have done a thorough scientific diagnosis, to create an accurate, delicate and safe design by using cutting-edge digital imaging equipment and medical system.


– From Surgery to Recovery, Safe Anesthesia System

-Intercostal anesthesia is an effective method of injecting anesthetic directly to the nerves right under the rib (the intercostal nerve)

-PCA (pain-controlled analgesia) is used to help you for 24 hours after the general anesthesia to help with any side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and pain. This is more instant way for releaving these symptoms.

-LMA mask (Laryngeal Mask Airway), a medical device which doesn’t go into the bronchus, but instead, it covers around the entrance. By not going into the bronchus, it causes less pain and discomfort during your recovery.


Overall, there are many questions that patients frequently ask, which are common misconceptions.

-Sleeping anesthesia(sedation) is safe, and general anesthesia is dangerous and cause anesthesia accident or anesthesia complication.

-After undergoing general anesthesia, it causes severe anesthesia complications like chills or nausea.
X JW Plastic Surgery Korea doesn’t use narcotic anesthetics which cause chills or nausea. Also, by providing PCA, the symptom will be released before the patients feel them.

-There is a possibility of being awake during the surgery and feeling pain.
X This is impossible under general anesthesia. In case of waking up under sleeping anesthesia, patients feel nothing because the surgeon already injected a local anesthetic.

-General anesthesia can lead to death (anesthesia accident) because patients aren’t able to wake up.
X General anesthesia is absolutely safe if it is continuously monitored by an anesthesiologist and if patients have had proper examinations beforehand.

All kinds of medication can cause complication if it is used inappropriately, it is very important to have surgery at a clinic where they have an in-house anesthesiologist.


At JW Plastic Surgery Korea, we have never had a medical accident since we opened 18 years ago because of our well-organised diagnostic system and safety devices. You will always have safe and successful surgery at JW Plastic Surgery Korea.
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