My Experience Getting ‘Revision Breast Surgery (Motiva) + Keloid Scar Revision after Breast Surgery’ in Korea

My Experience Getting ‘Revision Breast Surgery (Motiva) + Keloid Scar Revision after Breast Surgery’ in Korea

What was different about getting breast surgery in America and in Korea : Revision Breast Surgery with Motiva implant + Scar Revision after breast surgery by Dr. Seul at JW Plastic Surgery Korea.

Hello, everyone!

I am Jenny from the State. I decided to get revision breast augmentation and scar revision surgery after I had my primary breast surgery done by a famous breast surgeon in LA in the United States. My main concern was my relatively small breast size compared to my breast wall. Also, it was asymmetric and I had keloids under the breast.

The reason why I decide to have surgery at JW Plastic Surgery Korea in Seoul, Korea was because of all the research I did and all the positive reviews I read.

I researched a lot about famous breast surgeons around the world and this is how I came to know about Dr. Seul Chul Hwan at JW Plastic Surgery Korea. Based on many positive reviews on the internet such sites as Realself and Purseforum. I learned Dr. Seul not only had a high level of  understanding of the different skin characteristics of each race, but also about breast augmentation. I also found that, Dr. Seul can minimize scarring and are able to create beautiful and natural shaped breast. These were the main reasons why I decided to have revisional surgery in Korea, not America.
A genuine review on Google by Jenny

My Breast Before Getting Revision Breast Surgery + Scar Revision Surgery

These are my breasts before revision surgery. As you can see there is severe asymmetry in the size and shape. You can see keloids under my breast. The worst part was it was not on the crease, but actually under the breast; so it is easily visible when I wore a bikini:(.

1 Week After Revision Breast Surgery + Scar Revision Surgery

I did not really feel much pain compared to my primary surgery. I was able to talk, walk, and eat. I was discharged on the same day as the surgery. From 1 day after surgery, I started walking around and going out to eat Korean food. The feeling around my breasts did become a bit numb and sore. What I like the most about Dr. Seul was that he took care of all my treatment and we continually had follow-up sessions at each stage. I could see my breasts were swollen, but I could see my breast had improved a lot and I already really liked the shape.

2~4 Weeks After Revision Breast Surgery + Scar Revision Surgery

As time passes, I could see the swelling had reduced. I decided to get the Motiva implant(round implant), but even though I had a round implant, the upper part of the breast did not have too volume,  and the breast had a natural shape.

What I like the most!!!!!!! Was the scar was not visible anymore. The incision was just on the lower line of the breast ( inframammary folds). If I don’t lift up my the breast, the incisions are not visible when I stand. There were no more keloids, but the color of the skin in these areas had become slightly darkish. 

Including me, I have seen many people who had incisions which were not on the lower fold of the breast. Some even had them on the lower part of the breast, or even on the chest wall areas. This was because the position of the implant had changed during the recovery process, which made the scarring very visible. To prevent this situation, Dr. Seul made suture to fix the implant’s position and as well he sutured on the inframammary folds.

After I went back to the state, Dr. Seul consistently checked up on my progress, and I started to apply the scar cream and whitening cream to prevent any keloids from forming. Hope I wouldn’t have keloids again:((

2~6 Months After Revision Breast Surgery + Scar Revision

During this time, I started to have more sensation around my breasts. I had been taking care of the wounds well and they are healing very nicely. The shape has become even more natural and I am very satisfied with the results. 2 months after surgery I have started working out and swimming. I do not feel any pain at all, but  I do feel a slight tingling sensation from time to time. (Dr. Seul told me that was because the nerves are generating).

Keloids Revision Before and After

In terms of keloids (hypertrophic scarring), this is a type of raised scar caused by an adverse reaction to foreign materials; so, even though I had scar revision surgery, it is not possible for it to be completely removed and it can reocurr if the post-op care is not done correctly. To close the incision under the breasts, Dr. Seul used a special suture thread and surgical tape to prevent the wound from having keloids. Still I can see the color of the wound is darkish, but the scar is much smoother and isn’t raised anymore!!

How I Felt about Getting Surgery in Korea..

My first thought was I should have done my primary surgery in Korea with Dr. Seul. Firstly, scar revision is because of the incision on the skin which causes the scar. So after surgery the scar becomes thinner, but longer. I believe that the reason why the majority of patients who have surgery with Dr. Seul have a high level of satisfaction is because Dr. Seul only makes a 3~4 cm incision to insult the implant, which is about half the size of my wound, and he also uses a device called a sizer to measure the most ideal size of the implant. 

As I was bone and raised in USA, I had a misconception that the best quality of medical service could only be provided by surgeons in USA because breast surgery is so popular in USA. However, I was so impressed with the Korean doctors and how they provide such amazing results. I spent more than 1day and a lot of money, but I believe it was worth coming to Korea. I hope this review is helpful for those who are considering to have breast surgery, and I highly recommend Dr. Seul Chul Hwan as your breast surgeon.

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