9 Questions to Ask Eye Surgeons Before Eye Surgery

9 Questions to Ask Eye Surgeons Before Eye Surgery

A majority of women would like to have big and bright eyes which have defined double eyelids. When the eyes are small or have ptosis ( weak eye-opening muscle), they appears to be lazy and have a sleepy look. This can reduce people’s confident, and can have a negative effect on their social life.
Today, JW will clarify the 9 most common questions about eye surgery.

1. What should I do before getting eye surgery?

1 week before surgery, we should stop taking medication which can affect your bleeding. Typical medications that we recommend patients to stop taking are suplements, Vitamin E and drufs that interfere with hemostasis.
In addition, if a patient has a health issue such as hypertension, diabetes, or thyroid disease. It is important to let your consultant know, so they can help you take the appropriate measures before proceeding the surgery.
Dr. Choi, a director of JW Plastic Surgery Korea, said; that if you plan to have laser eye surgery such as Lasik or Lasek, please plan your eye surgery at lease 3months after the laser eye surgery.
JW kindly provides details about things you should consider before having eye surgery when you arrange surgery.

2. Is double eyelid surgery painful??

With double eyelid surgery, there could be a tiny bit of pain during the surgery depending on what kind of surgery you are having, but most of the pain will be controlled by the doctor and anesthesiologist by using local anesthesia and other pain medication. After the surgery, you might feel some discomfort because of swelling, so we recommend using an iced packed mask that will help to reduce the swelling and discomfort after the surgery.

3.  I really would like to have surgery to remove the bags under my eyes, but I am not able to take a lot of time off. When can I get back to normal life? How long does it take for the wound to heal completely? and how long will I need to have dressing on the surgical area?

Lower eyelid surgery is roughly divided into 2: the non-incision method and the incision method.
Most of time, the dressing will need to be worn for 3~4days after surgery, so you can go back to normal life after that.
After lower eyelid surgery ( lower blepharoplasty or fat reposition surgery), Dr. Choi Hong Lim recommends at least a 3~5day preriod for recovery. During the recovery period, you should try to avoid making your eyes feel tired and after 3~4days you can start going back to normal life. The non -incision method doesn’t require stitch removal and the incision-method removes stitches in 5~6days after surgery. Even before the removal of the stitches, it will not affect your day to day life.

4. I have a double eyelid on one side and the other side has a monolid. Is it okay to have surgery only on one eye??

For this situation, the surgery should be done on both eyes. The reason is that the muscle which controls the eye opening is connected each other. So, if only one side is corrected, it could cause the other eye to have problems opening, as well it could cause asymmetry. ( Hering’s law of cure)

5. I would like to have big eyes with high folds like my favorite celebrity. Is it possible? 

Generally, Asian’s eyes have thick upper eyelids with fat, the eyebrows are low, and the eyes are not set deep. Due to this, getting surgery to create high folds will not give you a natural look. On the other hand, if the distance between the eyebrows are far each other, and the eyes are deeply set, the high fold will look harmonious even though you are Asian.
JW customizes the height of the fold and designs the most appropriate eye shape for each patient based on the patient’s needs, and their physical characteristics. This assures the surgery will achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction.
6. Why do I have bruise around my eyes and why has the color on the lower eyelids become yellowish or bluish after eye surgery? And will it eventually disappear?

It is possible to have yellowish or bluish bruising after surgery. This is completely normal after having surgery. This happens when small blood vessels near the skin surface brake  during the surgery. It usually takes about 7~10 days for the bruising to disappear. JW Plastic Surgery Korea provides complementary LED light treatment after surgery to help reduce the swelling and removing the bruising.

7. Will my eyes be covered by dressing after the surgery? is it okay to go to Korea to have eye surgery alone?

After surgery, there will be small pieces of tapes or gauzes on the upper eyelids or on the lower eyelids. Most of the time, these will be removed 3~4days after the surgery. Even though you will have the dressings around the eyes, it will not affect your vision; so, it is okay if you want to come to Korea to have eye surgery by yourself.

8. Why is the swelling on the eyes different on each side? Will my eyes become asymmetric? What I can do about swollen eyeballs after surgery?? 

The eyes need enough time to recover and for swelling to completely disappear and for the scar tissue to soften. As times passes, these symptoms will increasingly get better, so don’t need to worry too much about them.
After surgery, the eyes might be bloodshot or the actual eyeball might have conjunctival swelling. Normally these issues will heal without any treatment, butusing eye drops can help them to improve quicker.

9. I liked the eyes after eye surgery, but the corners of my eyes feel like they keep drooping?

As the normal aging process happens, it generally affects the eye area first. Dr. Hong Lim Choi at JW Plastic Surgery Korea will decide the surgery plan by considering the extend of sagging based on the eyebrows.

The difficulty of eye surgery is the third among plastic surgeries. It is possible to reduce the possibility of complication by having surgery by a surgeon who has extensive clinical experience. The eyes are the window to the soul. When you have eye surgery, you should not only consider the eye shape, but you should also consider the overall balance of your face which will help to achieve a satisfying result and the ideal shape.

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