5 Tips to Know for Healthy Recovery after Plastic Surgery

5 Tips to Know for Your Healthy Recovery after Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is getting popular as time passes. Of course, it has a positive effect that people become much attractive and confident by having plastic surgery, but still plastic surgery requires at least 6 months to 1 year of recovery period. During recovery period, patients can temporarily experience swelling, bruising, or sometimes asymmetry, which drives patients crazy after surgery. When people think negatively, the brain send a message to the body. As a result, the body becomes tiring and it causes slower recovery ability. This means that your thought could affect on recovery process and even the result.

I am writing this posting to help people who are waiting for having cosmetic surgery to go through recovery process healthily and positively.

1. Becoming Beautiful Right Away after Surgery? NO!!!!!!!

The answer is No! 
Even after successful surgery, people can feel uncomfortable and tiring feeling. At least 6months to 1 year of recovery period is required, so scarring, thread, swelling, bleeding, bruising is completely normal process after any kind of surgery. It is more helpful for patients not to react too much and try not to feel too nervous about temporal symptom.

If you doubt any symptom after surgery, you would better to ask to your consultant directly before your thought follows one after another:)

2. Be Realistic!

Most of patients have specific appearance which they want to be. Sometimes, people bring pictures of celebrity and expect that they can be exactly same by having plastic surgery. However, this is not possible. When we use a red colored brick for building a house, the house will be a red colored house; so it is not possible to achieve perfectly same appearance because everyone has different physical characteristics. Try to find middle ground between ” what I would like to be” and “what I can achieve” based on your physical characteristics.

Consult with the doctor, and share your concern and what you would like to achieve. The doctors will give you better idea of actual appearance after plastic surgery.

3. You Need to Trust Your Surgeon.

You must have a lot of research to choose a right surgeon. Finally, you can choose plastic surgery specialists who have a lot of clinical experience and know-how. 

So, trust your surgeon and be patients with your recovery process. 

4. Sometimes, Taking Others’ Opinion Into Consideration Is Important.

If you have friends who underwent plastic surgery, it is a good idea to ask them for advice and what they experience during recovery. The length of recovery can be different, but what patients experience is normally similar.

After plastic surgery, share your symptom and experience with friends who can give you a general idea of recovery to make yourself calm down from temporal symptoms after surgery.

5. Let your surgeon know about your medical history

People who are undergoing or experienced depression BDD(body Dysmorphic Disorder) would like to hide their surgical history. But letting your surgeon know about medical history can help to judge whether you are ready to have surgery or your intention of surgery is realistic.

All surgery has a possibility of complication and risk and recovery period. If you follow these instructions you can have positive and healthy recovery process without post-surgical depression:)

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