How to Have a Small Face Like the Barbie doll without Having Bone Surgery: Hair transplant

How to Have a Small Face like Barbie without Having Bone Surgery : Hair Transplant
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In Asian beauty, people consider that having small head can achieve better proportion of the body, which is like a Barbie doll. This have made many people desiring to have a small head. There are some factors which make the face looking bigger such as when the lower part of the face is long comparing to the proportion of the entire face, when the zygoma is comparatively developed, when the distance between the eyes are close, and when the forehead is wide comparing to the proportion of the entire face.
In terms of the wide forehead, it can be a lot improved by having hair graft round the forehead to make them smaller.

Q. I Am Afraid of Having Bone Surgery Because I Do Not Like Skin Sagging after Bone Surgery and the Pain Caused by the Surgery. What Should I Do??
There are few method of having the small face effectively.

     1. Face lift

Face lift at JW in Seoul
This method can be effective for those have sagging skin round jaw line because of bone contour surgery or aging process. This is not appropriate for younger generation or even though it can be very beneficial for senior patients, but still it can’t change the proportion of the face.
     2. Forehead reduction

Forehead reduction at JW
This surgery is very beneficial for those who have the extremely wide forehead. However, this can leave scarring around the forehead line as well as unnatural hair line, which require additional hair transplant.
    3. Hair line semi-permanent micro blading
Semi-micro blading can be a great solution for wide forehead with fast recovery. However, this is only temporal solution for short term and also the hair line tattoo can be faded away or blurred, which can make the forehead akwared look.
    4. Hair Transplant
Hair transplant recently become popular among patients from younger generation to senior. This procedure can give younger and feminine look and make the face looking smaller. Hair transplant will make the proportion of the entire face more ideal, which gives the illusion like the face look smaller.
If someone who would like to have the face smaller due to the wide forehead, this can be an
 excellent solution. On the top of this, the scar will not noticeable after several months.
How to Choose a Best Surgeon for Hair Transplant?


To have natural hairline after hair transplant, natural design is considerably important, so patients should check the surgeon’s technique and experience. If you would like to check our surgeon is specialized in plastic surgery, you can visit the website below and search the name of the surgeon.

PRS Korea website-You can type the name of surgeon

Everyone has different physical characteristics, so choose a right surgeon and decide a right method by having enough consultation after considering the condition of your hair. 

Before and After of Hair Transplant at JW


Questions Which Are Frequently Asked by Patients

Q: Any complication of hair transplant? How is it effective?

A: The result can be different depending on the individual’s physical characteristics and condition. The general survival rate of the hair 1 year after hair transplant is about 60~85%. However, the survived hair falls out, which requires another round of surgery. The possible complication after hair transplant is not too different from other surgeries. There can be a possibility of infection, inflammation, and bleeding.

Q: Is there anything which should be avoided after hair transplant?

A: Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is prohibited for one month after surgery. Any drugs that interfere with hemostasis should be avoided. 

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