[Male Real Model Vider] Chan Young, Lee


I guess you guys have already seen me from the YOUTUBE
But this is just more details from the youtube.
As you know I have done my “SURGERIES”
I’ll tell you how I Transformed!
  • JW have done Endotine method to lift my forehead  
3. Facial Contouring- JW Plastic Surgery Korea have done                  
Mandibular Angle
(Reducing of Jaw)
Zygoma Reduction
(Reducing of Cheekbone)
(V-line or slim chin)
For some reason many people against the plastic surgery ESPECIALLY for MALE
also it wasn’t easy for me to have one
But I decided to do it to get over with my personal issues about appearance
For First I have searched about many clinics in Gangnam area
There were few reasons why I have chosen
1. Surgeons there were trustful and nice to patients with details

2. They have minimized surgery (3 to 4 surgeries a day for each surgeons) which it gave me more trust of them. In Korea many of clinics do massive surgeries like a manufacturing faces.

You guys may it seem prices could be little higher than other places but if you think about all these skills and better conditions for the surgeons I think it is worth it.
I will say these two are main reasons why I have chosen my surgery from

Thanks to all the Surgeons and Staff who helped me from
JW Plastic Surgery Korea
I really appreciate all of your helps and love
Thank YOU!!!

JW Plastic Surgery Korea

598-6 Shinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

         English Hotline : +82-10 5768 5114/ +82 10 7195 5114/ +82 10 6389 5114


Kakao Talk ID : jwps / jwbeautykr/jwbeauty777


E-mail : jw_beauty@naver.com


Homepage : www.jwbeauty.net



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