Rhinoplasty consultation in JW

Hello! Many people get a nose job these days, right? I was always worried about my flat nose. So I tried to find a good plastic surgery, and thanks to my friend’s recommendation, I could get counseling at JW Plastic Surgery. JW Plastic Surgery was already well known for rhinoplasty. And it was also well known for nose reoperation. I checked other surgeries too, but first I made a reservation and visited JW Plastic Surgery because it was really famous. I paid a visit with my friend, not wanting to be alone. We took the subway and arrived there soon. If you get out of the third exit of Apgujeong Station, third line, and go straight, you can see a bright building It says JW Plastic Surgery. When we got in there, I felt the interior was really neat and beautiful. My friend who had got counseling many times before also said JW Plastic Surgery felt the most gorgeous. It was really nice because the inside was so large and bright. The restroom was luxurlous too.
When customers move up to get counseling, they get a piece of paper to write down basic information and the part to get an advice about, and I checked on the nose and wrote down some basic information of mine, because I went there to get counseling about my nose.
The hospital director was really kind to me and had a good impression too. I could trust him because he listened to me carefully and explained many things to me sincerely. Because of my flat nose, he recommended rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a nose operation to raise the bridge or the tip of the nose by using autogenous tissues or materials that fit for the body, keeping the overall balance.

I got counseling with the head officer right after the hospital director, and he said rhinoplasty is not just for raising the nose, but correcting height of the nose considering the overall shape of the face. I asked him many things and he explained to me in detail too, so I appreciated it. They also showed me many comparative pictures of a nose job, and so I could learn many things. After I got counseling with the hospital director and the head officer, I thought I would get a nose job here.

The hospital director has much experience and JW Plastic Surgery is well known for rhinoplasty, so I could learn why many people find JW Plastic Surgery after I got counseling. I visited other surgeries for counseling too, but I think JW Plastic Surgery is the best.
After I got counseling here, I have thought about it for few days and made a reservation for the operation. My friend has got counseling many times too, and she also said she liked JW Plastic Surgery most.
I still have some time, and I think I have to get my heart ready. If you still can’t make up your mind about getting a nose job, try getting counseling at JW Plastic Surgery.