[Real Model] Korean Styled Natural Rhinoplasty to New Singaporean Model “Cyndi Soh”

Singaporean Blogger Model for Rhinoplasty from
JW Plastic Surgery Korea

I would like to INTRODUCE
Our New Real Model
Singaporean Blogger Cyndi or Xinyi Soh

Name: Cyndi, Soh or Soh Xin Yi Cyndi
Age: >_<??
Occupation: Singaporean Blogger
Surgery Performed: Dr. Suh (Mankoon Suh)
Which Surgery: Filler removal, Rhinoplasty(nose job) silicone implanted, Tip plasty by using of septal(nose) cartilage,
Cochal (ear) cartilage for Weir operation (alar base reduction)

Q: How do you feel about Korea??
A: I love the place. It’s a vibrant and very interesting place with a rich culture an history.

     I had a lot of fun exploring Seoul and would love to go to other parts of Korea soon!

Q: What was your main concern about your nose?
A: My wide alars, bulbous nose tip and the lack of a nose bridge were my main concerns. I  

     didn’t realised that my alar rims were too high up until Dr. Suh pointed it out to me!   

Q: There are Sooooooo Many Plastic Clinics or Plastic Center in Korea
     What gave you an Idea to coming to our clinic?
A: I did a lot of research prior to deciding on JW.

     JW came across as a reliable and reputable clinic. Moreover, I have friends who came to
     JW for their surgeries before and they all had only good things to say about JW.

Q: How do you feel about our Service??Such as consultant(ME >_<), scenery of our 
     clinic, Surgeon, etc.?
A: JW is a very welcoming place! The clinic is bright, clean and very comfortable.

     I love  the fact that hair wash service is available when I go back for my reviews since it was
     impossible to wash my hair after surgery with the bandages on. That was really thoughtful
     for the patients!
    The staff at JW was really nice too.
Jay and Jenny are helpful and patient with my queries   
    and tried their best to accommodate to all my needs.
    Dr. Suh listened to what I wanted patiently and did his best to explain everything to me

    before the surgery.

Thank you for everything! 🙂