Most Popular Plastic Surgeries for K-Pop Stars!

It is no secret that K-Pop stars are under pressure to look the part. Clear skin, slim jawlines, and big eyes, are all part of the ‘young and beautiful’ celebrity facial ideal in South Korea. But what are the surgeries that many K-Pop stars choose to achieve this ‘look’?

This week, we outline the top four most common facial surgeries for celebrities in Korea!

‘Double Eyelid’ Surgery

Not only for K-Pop stars! Double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. Double eyelid surgery is done either by inserting a suture into the upper eyelid, or by making an incision to remove some of the fat from the upper eyelid, creating a natural-looking crease. This crease helps eyes to appear bigger and brighter. The type of double eyelid surgery a patient has depends on the original shape and fold of their eyes.

double eye lid surgery

While double eyelid surgery is very common in Korea and Asia, it still involves very delicate technique. To read more about eye surgery at JW Hospital, click here.


Nose surgeries are also a very popular plastic surgery for K-Pop idols. The ideal nose type in Korea has a straight, pronounced bridge, with a small, rounded tip. Dr ManKoon Suh of JW Plastic Surgery is President of the Korean Academic Association of Rhinoplasty Surgeons, and very skilled in creating the right nose shape for each patient. Dr Suh is also known for revision rhinoplasties, for patients who are not happy with the results of a nose surgery they had elsewhere. Many of JW’s rhinoplasty patients come for a second surgery to perfect a nose surgery they are not completely happy with.

nose surgery korea

For more information about rhinoplasty at JW Plastic Surgery Hospital, click here

Breast Augmentation

 A slim yet ‘glamourous’ figure is sought after in the world of K-Pop. For this reason, many female K-Pop idols choose to opt for breast augmentation. Natural-looking and natural-feeling breasts are of the utmost importance for patients considering this surgery.

At JW Plastic Surgery Hospital, we use ‘HD Endoscopy’ to objectively assess the condition and measurements of the patients’ breasts, making sure that each patient attains a look that fits with their current body type. JW Plastic Surgery Hospital was one of the first cosmetic clinics in Korea to use this HD Endoscopy method.

To find out about breast augmentation at JW Plastic Surgery Hospital, click here.

Baby Skin

Always wondered how Korean celebrities manage to stay looking so youthful? ‘Glass skin’ and a ‘baby face’ are part of Korea’s beauty ideal, but achieving this look can take some effort!

glad skin surgery korea

There are many treatments that K-Pop idols use to keep their skin wrinkle, acne, and blemish free. These include botox, fillers, laser-treatments, and more.  Want baby soft skin for you self? Find out about our various treatments for skin rejuvenation here.