What exactly is thread lifting? Revolutionary non-surgical, anti-aging treatment explained

Thread Lift In Korea

Known for its instant anti-aging effects and minimal downtime, thread lifting is increasing in popularity around the world. But what exactly is thread lifting and what does it entail for the patient at JW Plastic Surgery in Seoul?

Thread lifting is a relatively new cosmetic treatment which involves inserting minuscule sutures of around 0.4mm – 0.49mm in diameter to subtly lift and tighten the skin from within. It is a non-surgical treatment which involves a local anesthetic, and allows patients to return to their normal life as soon as one day after the procedure.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and subcutaneous fat, resulting in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Pollution, stress, hormonal changes, and sun exposure, can all contribute to the severity of facial wrinkles, while a loss of skin elasticity can result in ‘jowls’. While most people would like their wrinkles to be disappear, many are put off by the expense, recovery time, and invasive surgery involved in a traditional, scalpel facelift. Other facial rejuvenation treatments such as laser treatments, while effective on minor surface imperfections, cannot help to lift skin that has significantly stretched or sagged.

Thread lifting offers an ‘in between’ solution, that is both affordable, non-invasive, and effective.

Thread lifting actually works in two ways. First, the sutures that are inserted into the skin work by ‘pulling back’ the skin slightly, creating a smoothing, lifting effect. Second, the sutures activate a ‘healing response’ in the skin of the face, promoting the creation of collagen, and furthermore adding to the treatment’s youthful effects.  The effects of a thread lift last anywhere from between 1 to 2 years.

Because the threads are so small, most patients cannot feel them at all after the surgery is complete. While some bruising is expected, many patients choose to have their thread lift on a Friday, and can return to work as normal on a Monday, with minimal bruising! This is a vast improvement on the downtime expected after a traditional facelift, which can require rest from work for at least two weeks.

Why thread lifting at JW Plastic Surgery?

At JW, we use special, ‘bio-composite’ threads, approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, that last longer than any other thread lifting threads. We offer two types of thread lift: a tornado lift, and a midas lift. The tornado lift is recommended for unwanted wrinkles around the mouth and to create a slimmer jawline. A midas lift is better for sagging cheek areas.

thread lifting in koreaOur surgeons are experts in recommending the right type of thread lift for you, as well as ensuring a pain-free, complication-free thread lifting experience.

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