The Only Plastic Surgery Clinic That Had All their Surgeons Invited: APS 2018

JW Plastic surgery clinic is the only plastic surgery clinic in Korea that all of the surgeons were invited to APS 2018 (KSAPS-KAPS-ISAPS Joint meeting). This is very uncommon to happen in the field of plastic surgery.

APS is the international conference where about 1,200 domestic and international plastic surgeons come together to participate in the conference. Every year, this conference exclusively invites outstanding speakers including the world’s most recognized and respected plastic surgeons.

JW surgeons shared their own techniques for each of their specialized surgeries with other surgeons as key doctors under the titles below:

Dr.Kang Hong Dae gave a presentation on “MADE Face Lift ( Minimal access deep plane extended vertical facelift )” to introduce a new technique to maximize lifting effect and minimize recovery time.

Dr.Lee Seung Jong gave a speech on ” Nasal tip lengthening and alar contour graft ” for upturned or short nose.

Dr.Suh Man Koon gave a lecture on “Creation of Dorsum-Lobule-ala aesthetics in the Bulbous tip in Asians” (How to correct bulbous tip *fatty nose tip* in Asians)

Dr.Seul Chul Hwan gave a presentation on “Troubled situation in aesthetic breast surgery, What would the expert do? “

Dr.Choi Hong Lim presented about ” Lower blepharoplasty Soof ( lower blepharoplasty with mid-face lift ) ”

Dr.Kim Yeon Jun gave a speech on “Transconjunctival lower lid fat treatment”

Each surgeon shared their own techniques in their specialized field for the development of Korea plastic surgery.