Rhinoplasty for Male~!!

I decided to have a Rhinoplasty+Tip Plasty+ Deviation in
incision method.
From JW Plastic Surgery Clinic
To have better beauty for myself.

x-shaped bandages…am I like a Wolverine?(anyways)
I thought I wouldn’t be swollen….
but u will see from my next pics lol

I sort of look like a blow fish
but it doesn’t seems that bad compare to other patients
I have seen from google or forums.
So that sort of made me feel good for it!!

look at the bruised part…it seems like
I have done some kind of make-ups with yellow color.
BUT good thing it is not a purple which it means
MINORITY of bruising.!!!
It been a month already
Can’t you tell by the picture it got a lot improved from
before OP pics?
if not…….too bad i think it did
but you also check it out from next pictures:)

3rd month of operation!
pretty much most of swolleness got away.
also it is getting placed perfectly(I THINK)
it looks more defined and sharpen than before

6th month Selfie
getting ready to go to JW
to see Dr. Suh who done my nose job
to say “thanks
I RElly really love my nose now
do not have any kind of “COMPLEX” anymore!
not scare of taking pictures!!

These are my Studio Shots~
What Ya’ll think about me?
I decided to join this blogs since there were not that
many of Male pics who likes to post