“JW’s Real Model Jia”Breast augmentation

I had a Huge Complex with my breast all the time
it bothered me when i look myself through a mirror
so My last solution was getting a Breast Implants(Boobs Job) @ JW Plastic Surgery Center by Popular breast implant surgeon 
Dr. Chul Hwan Seul


It’s been 3days and I still have little bit of pain
These bandages are really bothering me and feel uncomfortable after the Breast implant(boobs surgery)
hopefully time flies so I can feel more comfortable with everything

5th Day!!
My breast are getting better as time goes by.
I’m just waiting for to fully recovered
I went to JW plastic surgery center today to remove bandages for my breast and I feel so much better without bandages. but I still got to wear garmet to have pretty shapes for my breast
I realllllly want to wear
pretty clothes and pretty bras
I’m still happppy with taking off those bandages.

I feel a lot more comfortable after the breast implant(boobs surgery) these days
I guess it is getting used on it~and settling
But still have difficulties with sleeping sideways so
I try to sleep straight forward
It seems like I gained weight since I can’t work out as I used to. T.T
Oh yeaaa forgot to tell you guys that it doesn’t hurt at all anymore.:):)

Nowdays I’m loving myself!!
It looks more natural breast~
Most of swollowness got away.
and I like feeling of my breast
Wow it has been already 3 month
It feels & looks natural that nobody can’t notices.
I look sexy and I get a lots of comments from clothing store that
“You Got a Nice Body”
These comments make me ssoooooooo HAPPY!!

How Do I Look??
Were wondering about how I look like rite??
Main pics is for last rite??
It was so hard to hide it till last part of my writing
hope’d you guys had fun with my reviews.
Thank You for reading my reviews
Have a Nice Day~