[JW Tasty Road] Lab 24 Korean Famous restaraunt by Chef. Edward Kwon

I would like to show one of famous restaurant in Chundam Dong, Seoul, South Korea
A guy from above picture is Chef. Edward Kwon
We went to the restuarant of his own yesterday
So I would like to tell you about the food and interior there
First this is What you see when you go in to Lab 24
It looks very clean and busy >,<
also you can trust them since it is open kitchen
This resaurant menu is all based on course menu
so you can choose which course you would like to have for the dinner
It wasn’t that cheap, but once in a while I think it is good to have a dinner at this kind of fancy restaurant to release your stress and enjoy your life


These wore appetizer
first one which it looks like a Cigar is salmon inside with tar tar sauce based
I forgot about the second one but it tasted good
third one was some kind of lime juice to apptize your stomach or tongue
This was Mushroom soup but I forgot to take a photo when they pour down mushroom soup..lol
but I liked it!!! you can taste full of mushroom taste
This was Watermelon sherbet which I personally do not liked that much
since it was sour and think it didn’t have that much impact
but I like their plates, it seems like they custom made from the manufaturer
Good Idea!!


our FINALE!!
I ordered Medium cooked and I loved how they cooked my steak!
but I wished there was some kind of mashed potatoes or something to eat with this honorable steak





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