JW Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Man Koon Suh at 42nd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Man Koon Suh has represented Korea with his lecture at 42nd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, held in Tokyo for two days from 3rd October.

This year’s symposium was held under the topic of “Combination Approach: Let’s widen our clinical skills“. Japanese doctors and specialists from Korea, Germany, Taiwan and more, had a chance to share their knowledge and discuss about various experiences.

Dr. Suh, as a representative of rhinoplasty specialisation recalled last “Asia MOU Session” held with representatives from Taiwan, Japan and Korea, with his presentation about “Tips for nasal dorsal augmentation using rib cartilage”

Rib cartilage is used to make the nose bridge higher. This method sometimes brings some problems, such as bending, twisting, visible lines or absorption. Dr. Suh has explained about these issues and how to avoid them and achieve the best effect.

He got a huge acclaim when he explained: “It is easy for cartilage, inserted from just one angle to bend like a bow. However, if we insert the same material in layers that consider every direction, we can prevent the problem.” You can read about Dr. Suh’s method here: LINK.

Dr. Suh expressed his feelings about the meeting: “I am honoured to represent Korea at this meeting and I will put my greatest effort with spreading Korean plastic surgery techniques around the world.”

JW Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Man Koon Suh is widely recognized as an exclusive rhinoplasty specialist for over 20 years writer of rhinoplasty-related publications and lecturer at various academic conferences and symposiums in and outside the country.

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