Dr. Yeon Jun Kim at Gangnam Medi & Beauty Seminar in Bangkok

JW Plastic Surgery also wants to be in the center of the most important events in the world of plastic surgery and beauty. There wasn’t eny different this time, when Dr. Yeon Jun Kim went to Bangkok.

Dr. Kim was present at the Gangnam Medi & Beauty Seminar, held in Bangkok on 20th September, to give the lecture and presentation about “Secondary Rhinoplasty using Various Methods”, prepared together with Dr. Man Koon Suh. The event was organized by Gangnam Medical Tourism Association & The Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons. During the presentation, he thoroughly covered the topic of various reasons the secondary rhinoplasty might be needed and how to solve each problem case by case.

That was a great occasion to share knowledge with another lecturers from Korea and to present it in front of the Thai audience. It was a big honour to represent Korean rhinoplasty specialisation at this special event organized to popularize Korean plastic surgery.

While Dr. Kim had a lecture, JW’s Emily and Sasha was presenting our offer at Beyond Beauty ASEAN BANGKOK. Dr. Kim also joined them to give a free consultation to people visiting our stand.

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