Cheek bone reduction + Double eyelid surgery + Fat injection

Hey I’m posting about my surgery experience from JW Plastic Surgery Korea
I always had problems with my wide cheek bone, eyes, and not smooth facial line
So I decided to have surgery at JW Plastic Surgery Korea
as you can see from my before picture
I have really wide cheekbone with not smooth facial line
low and asymmetrical eyelids
So I went to see doctors to fix these problems
I decided to do procedures of
Cheek bone reduction
(Zygoma reduction)
Double eyelid surgery partial incision method
Fat Injection

This Picture is 3days after the surgery
and yea…I look like blowfish
Please do understand since this is one of steps for the surgery
I just wish to look better ASAP
and I know I will be soon

These pictures are all me~
How Do I look after 5th month
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