Dr. Suh Man Koon at PRS Korea 2021

Dr. Suh Man Koon – director and rhinoplasty specialist of JW Plastic Surgery Korea participated in PRS Korea 2021, an academic event organized by Korean Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons. The event was organized on 12th November in Gangnam, Seoul. It was held as a hybrid event – participants could connect to the event online.

Dr. Suh shared his know-how and extensive experience about “Correction of valve insufficiency” during the session dedicated to Treatment and Prevention of Devastating Nose.

Nasal valve is a crucial part responsible for the nose’s functional role. There are internal nasal valves and external nasal valves. While there is a plenty of presentations about internal nasal valve, there is a serious shortage in academic materials related to external valve. Thus Dr. Suh’s presentation revolved around external valve had a significant academic importance and will surely help other surgeons to effectively solve difficult external valve problems.

Dr. Suh and Dr. Gubish during lecture and Q&A session

Dr. Suh Man Koon has also took a charge of the session chairman during Dr. Wolfgang Gubisch’s lecture and Q&A session. Dr. Gubisch is a world renowned master of rhinoplasty and academic professor, who was invited by KPRS to take a role of keynote speaker of PRS 2021. Dr. Suh presented with Dr. Gubish several time during international academic symposium and conferences.