Dr. Seul Chul Hwan at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2021 Conference in COEX

10-11th July 2021 Dr. Seul Chul Hwan of JW Plastic Surgery has presented on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Conference organized by Korean Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons in COEX Conference Center in Gangnam, Seoul.

Dr. Seul Chul Hwan’s took a role of the head of the discussion evolving around new Nano-textured type of breast implants. Nano-textured breast implant type plays the role of golden medium between classical smooth and textured implants.

Rough texture of regular textured implants were controversial due to possibility of inducing a of breast implant-associated an anaplastic large cell lymphoma (Allergan implants controversy). On the other side, classical smooth implants, despite being a safe alternative are problematic, when it comes to implants stability in the pocket. Nano-textured implants, such as MOTIVA Ergonomix, used by JW Plastic Surgery Korea, has a nano-texture, which has no side effects, characteristic to regular textured implants and unlike classical smooth implants they are not slippery, so they fix well in the pocket. The size of texture are between 80-100 nm2 which places them into smooth implants category.

Types of implants by the surface texture