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What is “revisional breast surgery (Secondary breast augmentation)”?

This is carried out when patients have dissatisfaction with the result after their breast augmentation ( as known as boob job), breast reduction surgery, breast reconstruction, or if they happen to have complications, or if one’s aesthetically view has changed.

Breast revision is required when:

  • the breast starts to feel hard and the shape becomes more ball-like
  • implant malposition : implant has been located in the wrong position
  • implant rupture
  • unauthenticated implant was used or foreign material was injected
  • unsatisfied feeling by touch: obviously palpable implant or if it has any rippling ( wrinkles of the surface of the implant is visible through the skin)
  • dissatisfaction in size or shape
  • infection after breast augmentation
  • obvious left-right asymmetry
  • severe scarring and unnatural shape after breast reduction surgery, sagging breast surgery(mastopexy), or breast reconstruction


JW’s Outstanding Technique: How to Correct Different Causes of Complication after Having Breast Surgery

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What is capsular contracture?
when implant is insulted, our body naturally forms scar tissue surrounding the implant. This is not harmful to our bodies. However, when it comes to scar tissue abnormalties they become thicker and it causes a shape  change and a harder feeling when touched. This happens when there is a lot of blood pooling in the surgical area, or if there is an infection, or sometimes one’s body has a strong adverse reaction. To prevent this, it is really important to stem the flow of blood thoroughly, disinfect the surgical area, accurately dissect the room for the implant during the surgery.
1. The breast feels hard and the shape has become ball-like
  • The early stage of capsular contracture: opening a part of the tissue surrounding the implant ( capsulotomy)
  • When the capsular contracture is severe: remove the part of the tissue surrounding the implant

It is widely known  that these surgeries are only conducted through an incision under the breast (inframammary folds / under the breast line) or around nipples (areola). However, at JW, we can perform the surgery through axillary (armpit area) re revision and primary surgeries. 

  • severe stage of capsular contracture: changing the layer of the implant under the pectoral muscle.
This is needed when patients have had capsular contracture for a long period, it is hard to remove the contracted scar tissue. This is because it creates a strong bond to the rib bone. As well if there is a possibility of perforation, or if the implant that needs to be removed is located right under the glandular tissue.
2. Implant malposition: implant has been located in the wrong position
For the first time in the world, JW (Dr.Chul Hwan Seul) was able to diminish the room of the implant by sawing through the axillar. In addition to this, JW is capable of all kinds of breast revision surgeries including capsulotomy, capsulectomy, and capsuloraphy.
In terms of surgery through an incision under the breast, the possibility of implant malposition is significantly lower especially with the capsular flap technique, by using part of the capsule-like ‘ a hammock’ to re-establish the inframammary fold(IMF) and support the implant.
3. An unsatisfying felling with touch: An obviously palpable implant or one that has rippling (wrinkles on the surface of the implant which are visible through the skin), fat injection, artificial dermis(Alloderm) graft, or inserting the implant too deep.
As time passes, the breast tissue becomes thinner, which can make the contour of the implant visible or palpable which is also known as rippling.
* artificial dermis graft


*reinforce the thin skin by fat graft
4. Unauthenticated implant were used or foreign material was injected: remove the material completely and replance with implant.
*implant rupture


*Breast enlargement with amazing gel(hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel)from China

*the removal of foreign material + revisional breast augmentation
5. Infection after breast augmentation: remove the infected implant and have an antibiotic treatment. After the breast tissue has fully healed, it will require another revision surgery to insert the implant.
The common cause of capsular contractre is widely known as infection. Thus, continually disinfecting during the surgery is considerably important. At JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea, we disinfect at least 10 times throughout the surgery, and the room for the implants is disinfected with 3 different types of antibiotics. Moreover, JW takes every step possible to prevent any possibility of infection including using sterilized Keller funnel and Ioban.
6. dissatisfaction in size or shape:
JW has all types of implant which is beneficial for achieving the best result and satisfaction for each individual patient. The right implant is different for everyone based on one’s physical characteristics, so our patients have a variety of options to choose from. This helps the patients at JW find the best implant for their body.
7. Severe scarring and unnatural shape after breast reduction surgery or sagging breast surgery (mastopexy)
To prevent revision surgery, it is highly recommended to have your primary surger done by a clinically-experienced doctor.
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