Things to must prepare before coming to Seoul for medical tourism. (+a printable check list included)

Things You Need to Prepare Before Coming to Seoul for Medical Tourism! (+A  Printable Check List is Included)

South Korea is well-known for its outstanding plastic surgery technique, and Korean plastic surgeons are always developing new techniques. Each year, the number of people who are coming to Korea for different medical services has continuously increased, so it’s important to know everything you need to prepare before coming to have a successful medical tour.

Things You Need to Check for a Successful Medical Tour in Korea.

1. Apply for Visa!

Some non visa-exempt nationals who are in transit through South Korea are visa-exempt for 30 days. It is important to check whether your country is included in exempted nations or not.
Here is a link to check for all the non-visa-exempt nationals:
2. Arrange Accommodation!
Arranging the right accommodations when traveling is always important and it is same for medical tourism. For your convenience, we recommend arranging accommodations near the clinic because it will make visiting the clinic much easier since generally, you will need to visit the clinic 3~4 times for post-op treatment. Also, having the clinic close by is helpful in case of any concerns or worries during the recovery progress.
If you go to JW website you can see how to get to JW Plastic Surgery Korea via various routes.
3. Choose the Clinic and Arrange Consultation and Surgery.
As the capital of plastic surgery, South Korea has really developed the online consultation porecess. In the case of JW, JW Plastic Surgery Korea has many professional consultants who are able to provide translations in 6 different languages. They are also trained directly by the doctors, so they can provide a clear and accurate translation of the surgical plan for patients. Through the online consultations, the patients will receive the expected plans, pricing related to the plans, and anything the patients should be cautious about before surgery. Online consultations are available via Whatsapp, Viver, Kakaotalk, Gmail, Line, Wechat, and Zalo.
If needed, JW also provides a complimentary airport pick-up service or additional discount when arranging consultations and surgery before coming to Korea. So make sure to check what the clinics and hospitals provide through the online consultation.
When it comes to choosing the right clinic, it is important to make sure that the clinic considers the  patient’s safety as their first priority. As well making sure they don’t have and never use shadow(ghost)doctors, and that their surgeons have plenty of clinical experience. Medical services such as surgery is not a simple thing like buying some products, so we strongly encourage you to check how the clinic takes care of the long-term result after you have gone back to your country.
4. Check How to Get to the Clinic.
Public transportation in Korea especially in Seoul, is well organized and developed. The subway in Seoul is made up of 19 lines which connect all areas from center of the Seoul to suburban areas of Seoul. The price is quite reasonable. The Seoul metro is very convenience, but it can be a little bit complicated for anyone using it for the first time. If you want to use public transportation, we recommend doing some research in advance as well as  there are many helpful apps and websites that can help you out. To make it easier for patients we recommend using a taxi as well as you should check because some clinics provide complementary airport pick-up service for anyone who arranges their surgery before coming to Korea. Check with your clinic before you leave.
  • If you would like to use public transportation, please check out the Korean Tourism Organization website which explaines how to use all types of public transportation in Korea.
  • Here is a free and convenient application for the Korean Subway

5. Medical Check-Up Should Be Done 2~3 Weeks after Surgery

Medical Check-ups in Korea are well-known among foreigners as having a wonderful facility and providing high-quality customer service at a reasonable price. However, please be aware there are some specific medications which should be avoided on the day of your surgery because of anesthesia. This is to avoid any complications with your surgery.

Here Is a check list of precautions to take before your surgery.

  • Getting a health check-up done before coming to Korea whic h does blood tests, EKG(electronickardiogramme), and Chest x-ray. At JW, we provide a pre-operation examination in the clinic for patients who didn’t have a chance to have a health check-up before coming to Korea.
  • Fasting for 4~8 hours (No food or water allowed.)
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol for at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Please let the clinic know if you have any diseases related to the eyes.
  • Please remove all the accessories including piercing before the surgery day.
  • Please removed extension eye lashes and contact lens.
  • Please bring comfortable clothes which are easy to change into, such as a button down top or a hoodie. Also, consider the weather when choosing your clothes such as wearing warm clothes in the cold weather. This will also help with the recovery process.
  • Please let the clinic know of any medication that you are taking including food supplement. Do not take any drugs  for at least 2 weeks before your surgery.
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